Oh, Claire!

     I’m back at my big keyboard and screen tonight, which is something of a relief.  (By the way, I had no further car trouble!)

     After watching Tuesday’s episode, I kind of wished I was blogging about that one, which featured a Blogs and Bloggers category (no, I wasn’t featured, ha ha) and Phyllis’, um, R-rated comment about meeting her husband.  To be fair, I don’t think Phyllis was thinking about how it sounded, judging by the shocked expression on her face when Mr. Trebek reminded her this was daytime television.  Incidentally, my Coryat score Tuesday was 22800.
     I am blogging about Wednesday’s more recent episode, which featured, among other things, Mr. Trebek referring to a guy as a “yo-yo.”  (It was a guy Kara witnessed trying to cross in front of a train on a bicycle.)  We saw three female contestants again on this episode:
 From left to right: Kara Spak, Claire Bea, Molly Zeigler 
     Were you guys surprised that this one was a triple-stumper, in Literary Lines?: “The first line of this novel says, ‘It was Wang Lung’s marriage day.”*  That book and The Odyssey were my two favorites from high school.
     I was equally surprised that they all missed this last clue before the first commercial break, in Alliteration All Around: “John Roebeling designed this NYC landmark, but working on it cost him his life.”*
     The last clue of the round was the Daily Double, also in Alliteration All Around.  Kara had control of the board at the time.  She had 5600, Claire had 3600, and Molly still had 1200, the amount she had at the first commercial break.  Kara wagered 3000 on this clue: “To stem bleeding, use this alliterative spot where an arter lies over a bone, like in the upper arm and the top of the thigh where it meets the abdomen.”*  She got it right.

     Claire found the first Daily Double of the Double Jeopardy round, in 20th Century History.  I liked her wager of 3600 (all she had).  She needed a move like that to catch Kara, who had 13000.  This was the clue, a video: “It’s the year of the promised return seen here.”*:

     I felt bad for Claire when Mr. Trebek made it seem like she missed it by the hundred years in the century.  (She only missed it by four.)  I missed all the clues in that category, and the contestants struggled with it, too.  I only “rang in” on one of them, though, luckily for my Coryat score. 
     Claire found the second Daily Double too, and she looked happier than she had been throughout the episode.  I didn’t like her wager this time, although I believe it was too late to matter:  She wagered 1000 of her 2800, while Kara had 13400.  This wager to me was “playing not to lose,” rather than playing to win.  I wouldn’t have wagered everything since it was almost the end of the round, but probably 2700 or so because of the situation whether you like the category or not.  In this case, it was Sacred to This Religion (you name the religion).  This was the clue: “The Potala Palace.”*  Claire missed it.
     So at the end of the Double Jeopardy round, Kara could not be caught.  The final category was Geographic Terms.  This was the clue: “As their bordering countries are all this adjective, Liechenstein and Uzbekistan are considered ‘double’ this.”*  I knew this one immediately.  Claire and Molly knew it too.  What was Kara laughing at as they panned across the contestant panel?  I wonder if she did not take the clue seriously since she had the game locked up.  At any rate, this time Claire did double her score, and so did Molly except for a dollar.  Kara wagered a “modest” amount in the words of Mr. Trebek, and she will be back tomorrow.  If Kara does win tomorrow, she will be only the twelfth person and second woman (other than Larissa Kelly) to win more than five games since the limit was removed.  OH, and I almost forgot my Coryat score: 20200.  Keep ’em coming, guys, if you want a shot at the trivia book I am giving away!

*The Good Earth, the Brooklyn Bridge, pressure point, 1944, Buddhism, landlocked
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