Adam misses the Mark (and the Emily too)

     Kara Spak lost her sixth game yesterday, to triathlon coach Mark McDonnell.  (He told Mr. Trebek today that he’s participated in more than two dozen triathlons!)  Mark had a strong Double Jeopardy round  that day, while Kara started strong and finished slow.  My Coryat score for the day was 12200.  Today Mark (left) faced Emily Jusino and Adam Podber:

     Adam swept NFL Records.  In that category, I only got this one worth 2000 right, and only because of the Dancing with the Stars reference: “This cowboy has the most career rushing attempts with 4,409; he’s not a bad dancer, either.”*  That helped give Adam his lead when he found the Daily Double, the penultimate clue of the round, in A Wine-Wine Situation.  He had 10400 while his nearest opponent, Emily, had 2600.  Adam teased us when he said he’d always wanted to say…he’d wager 100 dollars.  Turns out it was a wise decision (the wager, not necessarily the joke), because he missed it.  This was the clue: “As the name implies, chambre refers to wine served this way.”*  I know that ‘chambre’ means ‘room’ in French, but I couldn’t come up with the correct response in time.  At the end of Double Jeopardy, then, Adam had 11300, Mark still had 1800, and Emily still had 2600.
     Adam also found the first Daily Double of the Double Jeopardy round, in Art Styles.  He still led, this time by 6700.  He wagered 2000 on this clue: “This art style that includes an artist’s name was a ‘brotherhood’ in mid-19th century London.”*  I wouldn’t have gotten that one if you’d given me 100 years, and Adam missed it too.
     The next Daily Double was only two clues away!  Emily found it in 19th Century Lit, a category she seemed to like because she kept coming back to it.  She had 9800 while Mark had 3000 and Adam had 12500.  The clue: “This ‘Old Ironsides’ poet was also a doctor: you might recall that his son became a lawyer.”*  She got it right, I got it wrong (again).
     There were four clues remaining hidden at the end of the round!  By then it was a tighter game: Mark had 9400, Emily had 9700, and Adam had 13300.  The category was Word Origins.  This was the clue: “Like the name of a minor Roman god, this word for caretaker comes from the Latin for ‘door.'”*  Now, it was pretty clear to me that Emily was going to get this one right, as she had spoken Latin with Mr. Trebek during her interview with him!  I was thrown off and was trying to think of a word with the letters “port.”  Adam and Mark went the same way, but Emily, of course, got it right.  Adam wagered 6101, giving Emily the win.  My own score today was 12400.
     Remember, you have until Monday at 4:30 p.m. Central time to post any or all of your Coryat scores from this week for a chance to win a copy of Steven J. Ferrill’s The Cultural Literacy Trivia Guide!  So bring ’em on, guys!
*Emmitt Smith, at room temperature, pre-Raphaelite, Holmes, janitor