(This entry is a rerun itself, since I have blogged on today’s episode in the past.  Enjoy.)
     Today the third spot in the finals of the Million Dollar Celebrity Invitational was decided. The contestants were Neil Patrick Harris, Jane Kaczmarek, and Cheech Marin. All three proved their mettle. At the end of the Jeopardy round, Neil and Jane were tied at 3800, and Cheech had 7000. In the Double Jeopardy round, Neil wisely wagered it all on a Daily Double in Rhyme Time: “A radio personality who provokes and pushes the limits of decency.”* I might have gotten it with a little more time. Neil did get it and doubled his score. Jane found the other Daily Double late in the round, with two clues remaining on the board. She (also wisely, as it turned out) wagered 5000 of her 8600 on this clue in Mayors: “In the 1800s, Josiah Quincy, his son, and grandson all served as mayor of this capital.” She got it right. Cheech answered the last clue of the round correctly for 2000, also in Mayors: “The song of Italian immigrants, he served in the House of Representatives before becoming NYC’s mayor in 1934.” So Cheech was in the lead with 16200. Neil had 12000, and Jane had 15200.
     The Final Jeopardy category was Movie History. I suspect the crew was hoping for big wagers, and they got them from two of the celebrities. Here is the clue (ding!): “During the making of this classic, sets from ‘King Kong’ and ‘The Gardens of Allah’ were intentionally burned down.” I didn’t get this one, but all three celebrities did. Neil again wagered it all and doubled his score. Jane wagered only 1001, giving her a $1 lead over Cheech, but he wagered a whopping 15000, giving him a spot in the 2-day finals along with Jane Curtin and Michael McKean. Three comedians! Any predictions this time? It should be a good one, although I kind of wish Neil Patrick Harris and Isaac Mizrahi were going to be there.
     Finally: I had a comment on the last entry from a woman who watches Jeopardy in Honduras. I noticed that many people are reading this blog from other countries, according to the graphic at the bottom of this page. I’m curious; does anyone out there watch Jeopardy! in Germany?

*shock jock, Boston, LaGuardia