He does know something

(This entry is a rerun itself, since I have blogged on this episode in the past.  Enjoy.)
     This is the final week of the Million Dollar Celebrity Invitational. I haven’t loved the celebrity episodes in the past, because the clues are at least thought to be a little easier. Today, I thought they were pretty tough, especially in American Dramatists and Directors’ First Features! I was impressed by the performance of all three contestants: Charles Shaughnessy, Isaac Mizrahi, and Michael McKean. They deserve to be in the final week. Going into Final Jeopardy, Isaac had 14600, Charles had 18000, and Michael had 19600. He picked up 2800 on the last clue of the round, the Daily Double (although he insisted twice, “I know nothing!”). In Forbes’ Richest People: “The appropriately named Li Ka-Shing is the richest man from this island territory that changed hands in 1997.”*
     As a proud Nebraskan, I had to laugh that no one got this clue correct, for 1200 in Forbes’ Richest People (and I think this is the only one that all three guys couldn’t get!): “Last year’s No. 2, this Nebraskan dropped to No. 3 with a mere $47 billion.” Did you guys know that one? What about this Final Jeopardy clue, in Official State Songs?: “In 1953, it became the only state whose official song was written for a Broadway musical.” I have to admit I missed this one! Isaac and Michael answered correctly, while Charles missed it. Michael wagered 17500, enough to win. The crowd (okay, Annette O’Toole according to Mr. Trebek) went wild! Makes you wonder how she’ll react if he wins the finals on Friday. Tomorrow’s contestants are Cheech Marin, Neil Patrick Harris, and Jane Kaczmarek. Any predictions?

*Hong Kong, Warren Buffett, Oklahoma