A princess and diva appear on Jeopardy!

     (No, not the two female contestants!):

(from left to right: Carol Denny, Suzanne Rorick, and Tim Campos)
     Carol was defending for the first time.  She had a rough go today, beginning with a mispronunciation on what was otherwise a correct response to this clue in Aliases: “Sir Percy Blakeney, a ‘colorful’ fop with a sword.”*  (She wasn’t ruled incorrect until after the first commercial break.)  Her troubles continued when she rang in but couldn’t do the math in time on this clue in Goodbye, Columbus: “Columbus said goodbye for good in this year, 14 years after he set out on his most famous voyage.”*  Suzanne got that one (and many others!) right.  At the first break, Carol had just 200, Suzanne had 7800, and Tim had 4600.  He had wagered and lost everything (1000) on this Daily Double in Aliases: “Harry Longabaugh, whose nickname came from the Wyoming town in which he was imprisoned.”*
     Did you guys know this triple-stumper in Home Sweet Home?: “Seen here is a partial view of her childhood home in Alabama in the 1950s; notice the water pump.”*

     What about these two in Before and After at the Movies: “A mouse-like boy runs afoul of a carnivorous plant.”*  And “Fanny Brice takes over for Diana Ross in a biopic.”*
     Suzanne found the first Daily Double of the round in Princesses.  She had 15000, Carol had 600, and Tim had 7800.  She wagered 3000 on this clue: “This ‘flowery’ princess was called ‘the most beautiful of the dusky Dianas.'”*
     Here’s a triple-stumper that wound up not being one, in Spanish to English: “In computer lingo: the four-letter equivalent of correo basura.”*  Tim answered “junk,” and was ruled incorrect.  I only figured out the answer after he did that!  Later, as Suzanne was getting ready to wager on the second Daily Double of the round, he was given credit for that response.
     There was less than a minute left when Suzanne found the Daily Double, bad news for still-struggling Carol.  She had gone into the hole on this clue in Spanish to English: “A delicious fruit: manzana.”*  Suzanne had 20400, and Tim had 13800.  Suzanne wagered 2000 on this clue in Divas: “The Met’s Rudolph Bing refused to hire this diva known as ‘Bubbles’ because she hadn’t been trained in Europe.”*  Suzanne missed it, but she still had 20400 at the end of the round.  In fact, all the scores were the same as when Suzanne found the Daily Double!  Carol, then, could not participate in Final Jeopardy.
     The category was Shakespeare.  This was the clue: “These 2 ‘King Lear’ characters, 1 male, 1 female, both represent truthfulness; one disappears when the other returns.”*  Tim and Suzanne both missed it, but Tim wagered everything while Suzanne wagered 7500.  She makes an impressive debut and returns tomorrow to defend!

*the Scarlet Pimpernel, 1506, the Sundance Kid, Helen Keller, “Stuart Little Shop of Horrors,” “Funny Lady Sings the Blues,” Tigerlily, apple, spam, Beverly Sills, Cordelia and the Fool