Crazy like a Fox

     Phew, I feel like I have so much to say, but it’s a GOOD thing.
     First, I’ve made a slight change to my contest: I’m extending it through next week, ONLY because I realized I said on the Jeopardy! message boards that one can enter their Coryats through the 21st.  I know of at least one guy from the boards who was going to enter the contest, so to be fair I’m extending the deadline.  But just think: If you’ve been keeping track of yours, and you post them here in a comment, you will have 15 chances to win an awesome prize!
     Now for my own Coryat scores this week.  Incidentally, I didn’t keep track of my score Thursday because something went wrong with the my reception of the show, and I missed the clues before the first break:
Tuesday, 1-11: 18200 (Contestant Coryats: Dan Jensen 12400, Justin Braganza 13200, Sally O’Rourke 17400)
Wednesday, 1-12: 25600 (Contestant Coryats: Sally O’Rourke 20000, Tom Toal 14600, Elizabeth Karlin 9600)
Friday, 1-14: 18800 (Contestant Coryats appear at the end of this post.)
     Next, I’m just pumped to tell you that Ken Jennings has finally joined Twitter!  I guess that’s enough said about that!
     Today’s episode featured these three:

Matt McQueary

Anthony Fox

John McLean

      Anthony is the returning champ, with one day under his belt.  He found the first Daily Double today before the first break, in Drop Dead Diva.  He already had 2200, while John had 800 and Matt had nothing.  Anthony wagered 1400 on this clue: “This jazzy diva who sang ‘Strange Fruit’ was just 44 and under arrest in her hospital bed when she passed away in 1959.”*  I couldn’t help but feel like Anthony threw away this clue.  He answered something rather bizarre, and quite quickly.  I came up with the correct response but I don’t know anything about this person.  (I am intrigued, though!  I plan to look up more, unless one you knows more about these circumstances…?)
     At any rate, Anthony had 1200, John had 3600, and Matt had 200 at the first break.  There were three clues left uncovered in the Jeopardy round, unfortunately, and they were all in Drop Dead Diva.  I liked that category the most, along with They’re on Cable TV, which was the second-to-last category completed.  I think Anthony may be to blame.  He, like many recent contestants, was slow to select, although it wasn’t as bad in the Jeopardy round.  Anthony ended the round with 3000, while John had 5200 and Matt had 1200.
     Shakespeare appeared in the Double Jeopardy round (Shakespeare’s Tragic Endings), which I don’t believe we have seen in a while.  I only got two of those right, and Wine, White Wine kicked my butt.  I only got this one, and it didn’t really have much to do with win, but it was at the bottom of the category!: “A pale greenish-yellow color indicates that a young white wine is still exhibiting small amounts of this plant pigment.”*
     I was amazed when no one answered this one in Spouse in Common to…: “Peter Horton, David E. Kelley.”*
     John found the first Daily Double of the round, in It’s an Honor.  He had 7600, Anthony had 5000, and Matt had 5600.  John wagered 1900 on this clue: “A communications building at Sam Houston State University in Texas is named for this alumnus and former CBS news anchor.”*  John got it right.  I just barely came up with the name in time, but I’m counting it!
     What’s in an Old Testament Name? was the last category chosen today.  Matt found the Daily Double there.  The game could barely have been tighter: Matt had 11200, Anthony had 11000, and John had 11500.  Matt wagered 1200 on this clue: “The first of the Hebrew patriarchs, his name means ‘father of many.'”*  The obvious answer is correct.  I answered slowly because I couldn’t have been that easy!  Matt got it right, too.
     The final scores going into Final Jeopardy were: Anthony 11000, John 11500, Matt 14000.  The category was The Presidency.  Here is the clue, which stumped all of us: “From the same state, they’re the two presidents whose occupations are listed by World Book as ‘planter.'”*  Anthony lost only 1000.  John lost 2501, and Matt lost a whopping 9001.  Anthony is your champion again, although today I feel like he kind of stole it from two stronger players!  I love Anthony’s celebratory fist-pump, though!  We’ll see him next week.  His Coryat score was 12400, John’s was 11200, and Matt’s was 13600.
*Billie Holiday, chlorophyll, Michelle Pfeiffer, Dan Rather, Abraham, Jefferson and Washington
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