Seeing is solving

     As I was trying to decide which quadruple-stumpers I’d write about in this entry, I realized that there were three in the last episode alone that could’ve been solved with a better visualization of the globe. I’ve chosen all of them today because I always benefit from looking at a map. I feel kinda bad that there’s not much else to say about them, but that’s just because of the nature of the subject.  (I really do need the answer to these; I don’t want you to think I’m being lazy!  I would write a complicated entry if that’s what it took.)      So, one at a time:
     In Islands in the Sea: “Masirah, off the Omani coast.” (You provide the sea where the island is found.)  The correct response is the Arabian Sea:

Map of Oman
The image on the left is from  In that image, Oman is highlighted.  You can see the countries surrounding it in the image on the right.  Can you see Masirah there, as well as the words “Arabian Sea” underneath?

     About 12,000 people live on Masirah, and it’s considered a part of Oman.
      The next quadruple-stumper, in Peace Corps: “The corps serves the 2nd as well as the 3rd world, in Romania and this Balkan neighbor on its southern border.”  The correct response is Bulgaria:

     Map of Bulgaria
The image on the left is from
Bulgaria is the one highlighted.

     The last quadruple-stumper (quite literally, as it was the last one in the game that day!), also in Peace Corps: “At the invitation of President Nkrumah, the first overseas volunteers arrived in this country on the Gulf of Guinea in 1961.”  The correct response is Ghana:

Map of Ghana (Can you see the words “Gulf of Guinea”?)

     Kwame Nkrumah was the first president of Ghana, from 1960-1966, and its first prime minister for three years before that.