No Maas

     Breaking news about the unofficial Jeopardy! reunion/National History Bee/Bowl: Brad Rutter’s going to be there!  So said David Madden on the Jeopardy! message boards.
     Today’s contestants:

Tim Maas

Katie Sowder

Mary McGlynn
     Today’s Jeopardy round featured a theater theme.  My favorite category was God Spell, where you had to spell the name of the god described in the clue.  I was pleased when one-day champ Tim picked that category first, but when Mary answered that clue correctly she went to the category Camelot.
     At the first break, Tim and Mary were neck-and-neck at 3000 and 2800 respectively, while Katie only had 200.  Mary found the Daily Double of the round in Wicked.  She had taken the lead with 4000, while Tim had 2200 and Katie still had 200.  Mary wagered 1500 on this clue: “In 1859, he joined a Shakespearean stock company in Richmond, Virginia (but that’s not why he’s in the category).”  Mary gave an incorrect response, then gasped and nodded like she knew what the correct response was.  When Mr. Trebek asked her what she should have said, she had to admit that she still didn’t know.  I’m glad Trebek caught here.  She looked a little silly, which was okay.  I didn’t like her attitude.
     The contestants got back to God Spell eventually, but not until there were only 8 clues left on the board.  At 7 clues left, Mr. Trebek gave the one-minute warning!  Luckily, they finished God Spell, but they left two clues in Camelot.  At that point, Tim had 4000, Mary had 3300, and Katie had 1400.
     Tim had surged to a bigger lead when he found the Daily Double in The Great War.  He had 6400, Mary had 2900, and Katie had 2600.  Tim wagered 1400 on this clue: “In 1916, some 10000 British and Indian troops trapped in the Mesopotamian town of Kut surrendered to these foes.”  This clue was way over my head, but Tim got it right.
     Katie, who had been relatively quiet, was in second-place when she found the next Daily Double in Islands in the Sea.  She had 7000, Tim had 9400, and Mary had 4500.  Katie went for a hundred-dollar lead with a wager of 2500 on this clue (you provide the name of the sea): “Nunivak.”  Katie got it right.
     Like in the Jeopardy round, Mr. Trebek gave the one-minute warning with 7 clues left on the board!  This time, three clues were left uncovered in Peace Corps.  Tim finished the round with 13800, Mary had just 3700, and Katie had 11900.  The Final Jeopardy category was European Capitals.  This was the clue: “Although capital of its country, it is not the capital of the province in which it is located, nor is it the seat of government.”  I was proud to get this one right, especially after no one else did.  I think it helped that I had a layover there on the way and back from Frankfurt, Germany, last summer.  To be fair, Tim may have misread the clue, as he provided the seat of government but not the capital of the country.  Mary lost 1500.  Katie lost 6000, and Tim lost 10001, enough to lose.  We’ll see Katie Monday.  I don’t think she is strong enough to last much longer.
     My Coryat score was 15000.  Tim‘s was 13200, Mary’s was 5200, and Katie’s was 11000.  My best category was In the Heights and my worst was The Great War.  Coryat scores for Wednesday and Thursday:
3-9: Quinn McDonald 24400     Harley Savage 7800     Mike Nelson 10800     Me 12400
3-10: Quinn McDonald 7200     Tim Maas 19600     Evan Bastian 15800     Me 19600
     Here are the responses to today’s quadruple-stumpers, in case you have a preference about what you want to learn more about: Hertz, grok, France, John Quincy Adams, Arabian Sea, Bulgaria, Ghana.  Leave a comment here.

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  1. Trevor Panno | January 20, 2016 at 7:25 pm |

    2 mistakes were made in that God Spell category when Tim didn’t spell out Bacchus which Mary benefitted on and then Katie benefitted on a mistake by Mary in spelling her response with two A’s in comparison to Mary spelling it with only one A.

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