Run for the Roses

     I couldn’t get to the keyboard fast enough today – So much did I love today’s episode!  It didn’t hurt that I think this is my highest Coryat ever – 34000.  VAMOS!  Also, there was plenty of drama on the Jeopardy! stage.  I just loved this episode from beginning to end.
     Adam Marshall returned to defend after his second (impressive) win yesterday.  Adam, who we found out is only twenty years old!) was strong again today, and he made it look like a no-brainer that he’d win his third today.
     The episode started out happy for me with the category about sports books that became films.  I only missed “Bang the Drum Slowly.”  I got the triple-stumper “fungus” and swept the category about seasons.
     The Jeopardy round didn’t seem slow to me, but Mr. Trebek announced that there was a minute to go with 8 clues left! Only two were left covered.
     In Double Jeopardy, I got the triple-stumper about Hirschfeld and swept the Guns n Roses category, including the triple-stumper “Fine Young Cannibals.”  I also swept the category about Bummer words and the Videopourri category, which ended the round with a bang: a clue about my beloved tennis – specifically, Wimbledon.  Nothing like finishing the round with an ace.
     I also aced Final Jeopardy – I had seen “Old Ironsides” on a trip to Boston and New York with my high school class when I was going into my senior year.
          Jeff Amoros (like Adam, from Maryland!) was well behind Adam for much of the game.  I liked Jeff’s guts: two true Daily Doubles!  (Who is “Judy Chicago”?)  That certainly helped him make quite a comeback in Double Jeopardy.  Jeff was the only one to get the Final right, and he pulled the rug out from under Adam in the end.  How far can he go?  Jeff‘s Coryat was 13600, Adam’s was 14200, and Dolores DeStefano’s was 9000.
     Mr. Trebek said that Kids Week starts Monday.  Do with that what you will.