Jeopardy! to return to GSN

     That’s right…According to the blog Game Show Kingdom, Jeopardy!‘s coming back to the Game Show Network.  According to my own onscreen guide, it will be on both Saturday and Sunday at 8 a.m. Central. I’m signing back up for that channel.  Who’s with me?
     Last year, I had fun tracking the progress of former champs who played in the Summer Hiatus Challenge.  I’ve decided to do it again, and now that another year has passed there are even more champs to follow.  In order of how they did on the first day of the Challenge (the only day that is complete so far):
Alison Stone Roberg (Asphodel)
Megan Barnes (Rafferty Barnes)
Ryan Chaffee (mrbungle)
Stefan Goodreau!! (seaborgium)
Liz Murphy (emurphy)
Buddy Wright (aggiebud)
Nick Condon (njcondon)
Hans von Walter (hanzz)
Me (thejeopardyfan) Of course, I am not a former champ.  But this is where I rank of as of the first day.
Paul Wampler (paul5562) (Only because I don’t believe he played the first day.)     If anyone thinks of anyone else, please tell me!  Keep in mind that there are many, many more people playing.  These are just former champs that I know if.  If you want to jump in and start playing, you can do that any time.
     Today’s contestants:

Folake Dosu (She met Arnold Schwarzenegger!)

Kyle Kahan

Ellen Eichner

     See if you knew these triple-stumpers that I got today.  In Homophones: “This word can refer to a boat’s large hooked pole or a social blunder.” (I’ve never heard of the former, but I took a guess based on the latter.)  In Lady Antebellum: “Ladies learned this French square dance whose name hints that it’s for four couples.”  In College Before and After: “Paterno sends his ‘Happy Valley’ boys to get some ‘neighbor’ly life insurance.”  (Thank you, Nebraska, for joining the Big 10!)
     I’m not sure Ellen’s response of “pork” should’ve been accepted in response to this clue in Lady Antebellum: “Women knew how to salt; this animal was the main source of meat, with slaves getting about 3 pounds a week.”
     There was one category left to play in the Jeopardy round when Kyle found the Daily Double, in Kites.  He had 2200, Folake had 3800, and Ellen had 2000.  Kyle wagered just 600 on this clue: “Samuel Cody crossed this waterway in 1903 in a dinghy pulled by kites, reaching Britain after a 13-hour trip.”  He and I got it right.  At the end of the round, Folake still had 3800, Ellen still had 2000, and Kyle had 4000.
     When Kyle found the next Daily Double in World of War Fact, he had 10400, Folake had 6200, and Ellen had 7600.  Kyle wagered 3000 on this clue: “Two days before this war was declared, the British said they’d repealed the laws that were the chief reason for fighting us.”  I didn’t get this one right in time, and I was just at Fort McHenry!  (That’s a hint.)  Kyle missed it, too.
     Ellen found the last Daily Double, in Spacing Out.  She led with 9600, Folake still had 6200, and Kyle had 7400.  Ellen wagered 1200 on this clue: “The speed needed for a rocket to break free of Earth’s gravity–6.96 miles per second–is called this, E.V. for short.”  Like Ellen, I had the second word right but not the first one.
     At the end of the round, Folake still had 6200, Ellen had 10000, and Kyle had 9800.  The Final Jeopardy category was U.S. Presidents.  This was the easy clue: “During his tenure, he never threw out an opening day first pitch, but before he was president, he did it for the Braves.”  My dad got it first, but I would have.  All three contestants had it right, too.  Folake added 2500, Kyle added 6000, and Ellen added 9601.  I like that she wagered for the win without regard to wild card spots.  We’ll see her next week, then, for the semifinals.  My Coryat today was 22400.  Folake‘s was 6200, Ellen’s was 11200, and Kyle’s was 13000.
     I watched two recent reruns this morning.  Here are the Coryats:
originally 10-28-09: Christine Valada 9600     William English 3600     Jennifer Cutshall 9400     Me 21000
originally 10-29-09: Christine Valada 10200     Sara Kniffen 4400     Ed Perez-Giz 11200     Me 16000