Teen Tournament revisited

     I kinda like watching these reruns and seeing my Coryat compares to the first time I played.  Last time I played today’s episode, my score was 27200.  Today my score was 30200!  That’s good, but it could’ve been higher.  I was spacing a little bit for the “park” clue, and I thought of “overfishing” but didn’t say it in time.  Like last time, I still missed 4/5 of TV Shows by Cast, and “Smallville” was still the one I got right.  I didn’t sweep Drama Club Tryouts this time – I, like Kate, said “Godot” instead of “Waiting for Godot.”
     A small update on the Summer Hiatus Challenge: The clues for days 1 and 2 this week have been posted!  (They’d been delayed, in case you missed yesterday’s post.)