Good news you guys: I found a middle school willing to host a local History Bee!  It was easy as pie, and I thank God.  When I was looking at websites of Lincoln’s Catholic schools (assuming I’d have a better shot there), I noticed I know the secretary of one of them because her kids went to grade school with me.  I e-mailed her, and she responded already today with a “yes.”  (I want to ask the school first before I mention them by name on the blog, but I’m sure that day will come eventually!)  In the meantime, if you are affiliated with a middle school close enough that you are interested in attending in March next year, please leave a comment below or e-mail me.  The Bee is also looking for a high school in maybe Lincoln or Omaha (but there’s some flexibility) that will host a Bowl and Bee, so please leave a comment or e-mail me if you are interested in that.  I’m gonna work on finding one myself.
     As for the SHC: I will give you an update on week 6, once those results/scores start becoming available.  Hopefully they will all be in before I leave for my own hiatus (Germany!) one week from tomorrow.  And don’t worry, I will not leave you hangin’: An enthusiastic Jeopardy! fan and blogger in his own right will be taking over for me as the new season begins.  (He is also a regular on the Jeopardy! message boards, which is how I came to know him.)  I hate to miss the beginning of the new season, but I assure you I will get all caught up when I get back.  (I’ll ask again, what did I ever do before my DVR?)  And I’ll be checking in every now and then from Germany.
     Recent Coryats:
originally 10-30-09:
   Christine Valada 7000     Roopa Kalyanaraman Marcello 14000     Chris Rodrigues 16200     Me 27200
originally 11-16-09: Chris Rodrigues 10000    Melisa Paye-Mose 5800     Scott Wells 15200     Me 18000
originally 11-2-05:
   Maria Wenglinsky 15800     Leslie Burns-Dell’Acqua 10400     David Braxton 9000     Me 15600
originally 5-4-11: Elisabeth Raab 12400     Lori Kissell 18600     Matt Polazzo 14800     Me 32600
     (The first time I watched this episode, my score was 25400!)
originally 11-3-05: Maria Wenglinsky 27800    Kingslea Bueltel 4400     Jim Gilcreast 7000     Me 14400
originally 5-6-11: Larry DeMoss 18000     Judd Hess 13400     Catherine Carson 1000     Me 24200
     (My score the first time I watched was 17600!  I wish I could see which ones I missed!)
originally 5-9-11: Larry DeMoss 15600     Dan Crosby 14200     Elisabeth Raab 5200     Me 17400
     (The first time I played this episode my score was 12200!)