Today’s contestants:

Katie Proctor

Joe Koster

Megan Benitz

     Before 2-day champ Katie found the Daily Double early in the Jeopardy round, there had been just one clue I didn’t know, in You’ll Need Some Backup: “& the Revolution.”  Megan got that one, which gave her 400 as Katie wagered for the Daily Double.  Katie, who defeated Joon Pahk earlier in the week, wagered all of her 1400 on this clue in At 33: “On May 29, 1953, he literally found himself on top of the world, along with his guide.”  Katie and I got it right.
     Before the first break, there were two more clues that Megan knew and I didn’t.  In At 33: “And to think he was 33 when he published his first book, ‘And to Think That I Saw it on Mulberry Street.'”  And in Shop Talk: “The home store of this gourmet cookware retailer uses the pineapple logo seen here, long a symbol of hospitality.”

     At the first break, Katie had 3800, Megan had 2200, and Joe had 1800.  At the end of the round, Megan and Katie were tied with 5000, while Joe had 4400.
     Megan found the first Daily Double of the Double Jeopardy round, in “V” is for….  With 6600, Megan was giving Katie, at 6200, a run for her money.  Joe was in the mix, too, with 4800.  I kind of hoped Megan would wager big, but she wagered 1600 on this clue: “[V is for t]his South American ruminant that’s related to the guanaco.”  Megan got it at the last second.
     Joe found the last Daily Double, in Architecture.  I was doing poorly in the round.  I had 10 clams, 2 negs, and 7 correct up to that point.  I clammed on four The Sherlock Holmes Files clues, and wound up clamming on every Architecture clue.  I negged on two The No-Fly List clues, and clammed on another two.  I guessed “auk” on this clue in that category: “The name of this large extinct flightless bird of New Zealand may come from a Polynesian word for ‘fowl,'” only to have “auk” be the correct response to this next clue: “The ‘great’ species of this arctic seabird, now extinct, was flightless; living species like the razorbill can fly.”
     Anyway, Joe had 6400 when he found the Daily Double.  Katie had 11400 and Megan had 9400.  Joe wagered 5000 on this clue: “Cupolas are small domes, but can be pointy instead of dome-shaped when found on these mosque towers.”
     There was less than a minute to go with one category left, probably thanks to the lengthy but fun clues in The Greatest in Sports with Mike and Mike.  At the end of the round, Megan led with 12600, Katie was nipping at her heels with 12200.  Joe led them both with 18200.  The Final Jeopardy category was The Western Hemisphere.  This was the clue: “This nation lost its direct access to the Pacific around 1880, but retains a navy that now patrols its rivers and a large lake.”  I didn’t really have a prayer on this one.  I felt better when Katie and Megan missed it, too, losing 10000 and 6000, respectively.  Joe, though, got it right, and added 7001 to his score.  The new champ!
     My Coryat today was a disappointing 13000.  Joe‘s was 14000, Katie’s was 11600, and Megan’s was 12600.
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