Today’s contestants:

Liz Greenwood

Lanny Timan

Ray Crosby

     I swept Sports by Champion.  I got this triple-stumper in The 2011 Fortune 500, but I did consider Lanny’s response of “AIG”: “Fannie Mae, No. 5, was delisted by the NYSE; this company, No. 20, got ‘$64 billion in…bailout money.'”  How weird that AIG came up in a different category (Remember 2008?), in the same round?  Ray got this one right: “After getting an $85 billion bailout, this insurance giant added to its bad PR when execs went to a swanky resort.”  The next clue, also the last clue in the round, was the Daily Double.  Ray had a big lead with 6800, while Lanny had 1200 and Liz had 2800.  Ray wagered 2800 on this clue in Remember 2008?: “The world court prosecutor applied for an arrest warrant against this African country’s president Al-Bashir.”  He and I got it wrong.
     Ray found the next Daily Double, too, in World Geography.  This time he found it just four clues in.  He had 5200, Lanny had 1600, and Liz had 3600.  Ray wagered everything on this toughie: “The name of this large port city on western Europe’s Schelde River literally means ‘at the wharf.'”  He and I got it wrong, again.
     I hadn’t gotten any right in Fiction when Lanny found the Daily Double there.  She had 3200, Ray had 2800, and Liz had 5200.  Lanny wagered, seemingly randomly, 1600 on this clue: “‘The House of the Dead’ is a fictionalized version of this 19th century Russian’s prison experiences.”  Lanny and I guessed the same thing, Solzhenitsyn, and we were wrong.
     Before I watched today’s episode, I saw a tweet from Ken Jennings saying that something was going to happen in today’s Jeopardy! final that has not happened before.  Later, but still before I saw the whole show, Ken tweeted that people felt the final didn’t live up to his hype.  What did you think?:
     Lanny had 6800 at the end of the Double Jeopardy round, while Ray had 6000 and Liz had 7600.  The Final Jeopardy category was Foreign-Born Inventors.  This was the clue: His 1922 New York Times obituary mentions that his patent No. 174,465 ‘has been called the most valuable patent ever issued.'”  Ray incorrectly guessed Zales and lost all but 2 dollars.  Like Lanny, I guessed Morse, and was wrong.  (I’ve looked it up and I find he was born in Massachusetts.)  Lanny lost 5201.  Liz incorrectly guessed Edison and lost 6001.  Lanny and Liz, then, were both left with 1599.  Apparently Ken was referring to the fact that the “non-winner” (as Mr. Trebek has called them) left with more money as a second place contestant, 2000, then the two champions.
     Now, a reader tells me (see Clinton’s comment) he has a modified way to track his Coryat score.  I decided to total my Coryat both ways today to see how they compare.  My Coryat was actually 17800, but I came up with 20400 using his way!  Therefore I cry “foul!” 😉  And whoever put today’s episode on today, I cry, “Wow!”  (If “wow” can be cried.)  Super-speedy.  Liz’ Coryat was 7600, Lanny’s was 8400, and Ray’s was 14000.
   Speaking of Coryats, a reader, Thomas Park, has created a free app designed to make it easier to keep track of your Coryat score.  He tells me it can be used in your web browser or on an iPhone or iPad as long as you add it to Safari from your home screen.  (I hope this makes sense to you, because it does not to me!  If you have any questions, though, I can ask him.)
     My Coryat yesterday was 14600.  Joe Koster‘s was 8000, Lanny’s was 9600, and Jeff Dufour’s was 14800.

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