Everyone loves a…

     Today’s contestants:

Kendra Anspaugh (in by far the most conservative outfit she’s worn all week!)

Mary Redling

Kiran Kedlaya (yet another crossword guy)


     Kiran was off to such a fast start today, I had to laugh, and Kendra, who’s been dominant the last two days, had to clap.  He blew through the first category, Latin Body Parts, as fast as I’ve ever seen anyone.  He certainly set the tone.  I, too, swept the category, as well as -ologies later in the round.
     Kendra found the first Daily Double in Stadium Food.  She had 1200 and Kiran had 3400.  Mary, who reminds me a lot of yesterday’s Patti, had 400.  Kendra wagered 1200 on this clue: “A few years back, Wrigley Field introduced the Northside Twist, a 4-pound one of these with 3 dipping sauces.”  She and I got it right, but she added that it “sounds delicious.”  Anybody else dislike pretzels of all kinds?
     Speaking of Patti (from yesterday), could you believe how many people she told about her upcoming appearance?  When your mailman knows, you know you can’t keep a secret.  And now the contestant coordinators knew about that, too.  Apparently they didn’t mind!
     At the break, Kendra had 2400, Kiran had 3600, and Mary had 1400.  At the end of the round, Kendra still trailed (unusual for her) with 5400, Kiran had 7800, and Mary had 2600.
     Mary found both Daily Doubles in the Double Jeopardy round.  The first one was in Odd Words.  She had 4200, Kendra had 5400, and Kiran had 8600.  I told Mary via the TV to make it a true Daily Double, as it was still early in the round.  She wagered 3000, which is not that bad, on this clue: “This verb can refer to making & serving ice cream sodas or to cutting meat into long strips to be dried in the sun.”  The answer made sense once she said it, but I doubt I’d have come up with it.
     The next Daily Double was in Science.  Mary had 13600, Kiran had 11800, and Kendra still trailed with 6200.  This was the clue: “It’s the form of glucose that rotates a plane of polarized light clockwise.”  I hate to say, I don’t even know what they’re talking about.  Mary didn’t either, apparently.  She lost just 1000.  At the end of the round, she had 15400, Kiran had 17800, and Kendra had 9800.  The final category?…Toys!!!  This was the clue: “Invented in 1943, this toy was flung over tree branches by soldiers in Vietnam & used as a makeshift radio antenna.” This one was an instaget for me, and I even sang the correct response, in the form of the song that I presume is associated with it.  Actually, I know the song because Ace Ventura sings it in my favorite movie, “Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls.”  That’s the only place I’ve heard it, but I assume he didn’t make it up!
     Anyway, Kiran and Kendra got it right.  Mary guessed “boomerang,” incorrectly.  Mary lost 10000.  Kendra wagered 9800, which I’d not have done in third place like she was, but it didn’t matter, since Kiran added 13001 and ended the game as well as he started it.  We’ll see him tomorrow.  Maybe he will be as strong as fellow crossword-er and recent ToCer Joon Pahk?
     My Coryat today was 18200.  I had 4 negs.  Kendra‘s Coryat was 9400.  Kiran’s was 17800.  Mary’s was 15000.
     Recent Coryats:
11-26 (originally 12-6-05): Marianna Johnson 1200  Charles Bagot 4000  Vicky Stanton 18800    Me 18400
11-27 (originally 12-7-05): James Quintong 4800     Christi Beard 2000     Vicky Stanton 2400     Me 14200
11-28: Patti Clements Clayton Hansen Kendra Anspaugh Me 21000

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