Journal Star Power

     Imagine my delight today when I woke up to a tweet from the Lincoln Journal Star‘s Jeff Korbelik, asking me to call about being on Jeopardy! I am so relieved – I have to say I was very worried that I would never be in the paper in my own hometown. This is what it’s all about. Plus, I read everything Jeff says in the Journal Star. He writes about all things food, TV, radio, plus lots of other things. You may remember I asked you for help in his “Dining with Jeff” contest several weeks ago. I was gonna wait but couldn’t – I already called him, and it went very well. I. Am. Stoked. (And all is forgiven for my “Dining with Jeff” entry being rejected for no apparent reason.) 🙂
     The rest of today’s guest post is brought to you by now two-time champ Cathy Guiles. (She’s letting me borrow it from her own blog.) She won her first episode, defeating champ Melanie Spratford, just before lunch the day they taped. I secretly burned with jealousy, wondering what it must be like to be sitting there eating lunch like it was no big deal…the reigning Jeopardy! champion. Wow. By the way, lunch was absolutely a highlight that day. The food, conversation, and people-watching were all *Mwah*. Who’s with me? I’d do it every day if I could. And someday I’d see a celebrity! I asked contestant coordinator Robert if he ever sees a celebrity there, and he does. He says there is a separate part of the cafeteria where customers can be served, rather than get their own food cafeteria-style. Then he asked us who we’d like to see there. I said Justin Timberlake.
     On with Cathy’s post. Just click on her picture below. (Thanks, Cathy!)

At Cathy’s request: “Photo courtesy of Jeopardy Productions, Inc.”