Talking turkey at least twice

     This was supposed to publish last night at its usual time, and I have no idea why it didn’t. This hasn’t happened in a while, and it is the weekend, so I guess I’ll get over it.
     As for this title, I have to admit I didn’t know what that phrase meant til I looked it up just now!
     I hate to bring this up again, but I’m gonna remind you every day…for a while! I need more people who taped Jeopardy! on December 6th and/or 7th. (That is, airing March 19th-March 30th) Don’t be afraid – I am not a pain in the butt (except about these reminders). So leave a comment here or e-mail me, please. You might actually be glad that you did! 🙂
     And by the way, thanks for all the comments, guys. Keep ’em comin’. I love comments!
     This will be your last reminder about the regional History Bee in Omaha on Monday, as that’ll be the next time I blog! I’ll be there and so will David Madden. And so will you, if you live nearby. I hope. And tell…me, I guess…that I sent you! 🙂
     My Coryat from today’s GSN rerun was 32600!
     Today’s contestants:

Marion Baumgarten

Jessamine Price (Doesn’t “Greenbelt” sound like such a pleasant place to live?)

Galen Benshoof

     Weird names today, yeah?
     As I said yesterday, I was home for today’s Jeopardy! Too bad no one else was! Still no one’s home, but now it’s okay because I don’t have to worry that I’m hogging the computer. (But they never complain.) I still find myself scrambling! I happen to know that now they’re at a fish fry, but I thought they’d be coming home first.
     Whatever, my point is that I played in the basement so I wouldn’t be interrupted if they did come home. I played standing on the treadmill again, which works as well as the laptop stand I bought for that purpose!
     Everything recorded fine, which is noteworthy in this house! But that’s about the only thing that went right for me, at least after the category about 90s film quotes. I hadn’t seen three of the movies (too young at the time!), but I did manage to get three right. The quotes from “Wayne’s World” and “Shakespeare in Love” were over my head. I haven’t seen “Jerry Maguire” but that quote “You had me at hello” was in a song that was all over the radio at that time. I had to look it up the title but it was Bruce Springsteen’s “Secret Garden.”
     At the first break, Jessamine and Galen each had 1600 while Marion led with 4800. (I keep wanting to call her Mary Ann – She looks exactly like my uncle’s wife. I’m not gonna ask her if I can post her picture here. I don’t think she’d go for it.
     There were 2 clues left in the round. Part of the problem may have 2 long clues in Sale, including this one that affected play later: “A Honus Wagner one of these sold for $451,000 in 1991, $1.27 million in 2000, and $2.35 million in 2007.” Why get bogged down with those numbers? Anyway Marion said “cigarette card,” which I’ve never heard of. She was ruled incorrect, but when she found the Daily Double in a category about Cherokee nation (can you tell I’m not blogging by the TV?), she was credited with a correct response. She had, then, 8000 to wager while Jessamine had 2400 and Galen had 2800. Mr. Trebek had just given the one-minute warning. Marion wagered 2000 on this clue: “In the 1830s the Cherokee were expelled from the Southeast and forcibly relocated to what’s now this state.” Is it just me, or is this so easy you figure it can’t be what you think it is? Well it was, and Marion got it too.
     I ask the same thing about this next clue in the same category: “At the start of this 9-year war, the Cherokee allied with the British; many of their rivals sided with the French.” I didn’t ring in this time.
     At the end of the round, Galen still had 2800, Jessamine had 3200, and Marion had 11000!
     Oh, the Double Jeopardy categories sucked! I was 1/5 in three of ’em. I was 4/5 in a category about words that mean “bright.” Jessamine swept that category almost right away, suddenly bringing her close to Marion’s score.
     Galen found the Daily Double of the round, in a category about Senate majority leaders. (It was the only Daily Double uncovered.) Galen seemed to favor this category, but this was one of my 1/5 (and with two negs!). Galen had 4400 while Jessamine had 10000 and Marion had 10200. Galen said, “Let’s make it uh…2600.” He should’ve made it uh…true Daily Double. This was the clue: “In 1996, he left the Senate to focus on his run for president.” My instant response was the correct one, but I changed it in time to Al Gore. 🙁 (Galen thought about this one long enough that Mr. Trebek said his name to prompt him.) He got it right but he still didn’t look happy!
     In a comment here yesterday, I had said I don’t pay close attention to the contestant interviews. It showed today when Mr. Trebek said “we” had talked about Turkey a while ago. I was like, “When?” This was the clue after which he said that, in It’s Greek to Somebody: “To Romanian speakers, what’s tough is this language of the empire they split from in 1877.” This category was one of my 1/5s, and the last was Atlantic Coast Conference Schools. Yuck!
     There were 8 clues left when Mr. Trebek gave the one-minute warning, and 3 clues were left on the board. It figures – I was actually doing okay at 2/2 in the category, which was about literary characters. I did manage to get this triple-stumper, which I thought was a snap, in Saturday Night Live: “As Fernando, this performer popularized the phrase ‘You look mahvelous.'” But they knew “Seth Meyers”? Never heard of him! (I said “Jimmy Fallon.”) And apparently none of us have heard of “Abby Elliott,” and it took me a while (okay, til just now) to remember Chris Elliott.
     Mr. Trebek had sort of dissed Galen at the beginning of the Double Jeopardy round, or at least discouraged him. I was he was just talking turkey. (I can use that now that I know what it means!) But Galen sure showed him – In fact Mr. Trebek said at the end of the round Galen had “a pretty good score.” Actually it was 15400, while Jessamine had 10800 and Marion had 9800.
     I was kinda looking forward to today’s final – I had gotten a cryptic private tweet from my Jeopardy! friend Robert that I still don’t understand! I thought that something about the final related to me or something we’ve talked about, but I don’t know how now that I’ve seen it. I’ve asked him what he meant but he may be offline now for the night. Anyway the category was Musical Instruments.
This was the clue: “An entertainer born in 1888 whose original first name was Adolph was one of the best-known players of this instrument.” I wound up guessing “accordion” for Lawrence Welk, who I found out was actually born in 1903. This clue was a triple-stumper. Mr. Trebek looked like he was eating it up when he got to reveal the correct response! To be honest I didn’t know that Harpo Marx’s name came from him playing the harp! Anyway, Marion lost all but a dollar. Jessamine wagered only 799, while Galen lost too much to win: 6201. So Jessamine managed a second win, and we’ll see her again on Monday.
     My Coryat today was a dismal 10400.
     And my parents just walked in…with no fish for me!! Poor communication, on my part.
     Finally, speaking of Twitter, look what Jeopardy! tweeted this afternoon. I tweeted my response: Roger!