Penney for your thoughts

     First, check out this thread on the Sony message boards about second chances. I just want to know what you think! ๐Ÿ™‚
     Now for season 25 Coryats, and a weekend rerun:
Originally 6-19-12: 23800 (28800 without negs). The first time I played, my score was 24000. ๐Ÿ™
Originally 3-19-09: 19000 (23600 without negs)
Originally 3-20-09: 20400 (23000 without negs). I’ve accepted “alleluia” for “hallelujah.”
Originally 3-23-09: 25600 (26600 without negs)
Originally 3-24-09: 25800 (27200 without negs). I’ve accepted “crier” for “herald.”

Saidi Chen of New York NY

     Today’s contestants:

Rachel Shuman of Silver Spring MD
Alistair Bell of Berlin MA

     Alistair has agreed to do a Q & A, so leave a comment with any questions you have! And by the way, big props to Alistair for being bold enough to find us and ask plainly if we want a Q & A. We do.
     Yesterday, Rachel defeated Josh Frumkin. Each contestant had gotten one clue right when she found the Daily Double of the round, in That Doctor is Unreal!. She had 400, and Alistair and Saidi each had 200. Rachel wagered 1000 on this clue: “This 1886 doctor isn’t really himself when he tramples over a kid & clubs a guy to death.” She got it right!
     At the first break (but after Rachel’s Daily Double), Saidi had gotten 2 wrong and 3 right and had 1000. Alistair too had 1000. He’d gotten 2 right and one wrong. Rachel had gotten 3 right and one wrong, and had 2400.
     I had the same question for Rachel Mr. Trebek did during her interview – She’d said her dad tells her on the first of each month to get up on the “wrong” side of the bed. Mr. Trebek said, “What if the wrong side of the bed is against the wall?” Rachel said, “You gotta be creative!” For that matter, what if you choose to sleep on the couch that night, and the couch is against the wall?
     I didn’t get this triple-stumper in Bread, but neither did Alistair, who refers to the correct response in his Howdy: “This U.S. city precedes ‘brown’ in the name of a sweet, dark steamed bread.” He also mentioned he became a U.S. citizen at Fenway Park in his contestant interview. I’m gonna put this one on the poll. I’m putting this one on the poll too, in the same category, because I don’t know how anyone would know it: “Kneading converts flour, water & leavening into a smooth & elastic bread dough by developing this substance.”
     Alistair was “trailing the ladies” in Mr. Trebek’s words, at the end of the Jeopardy round. He had gotten one right since the commercial break and had 1200. Rachel had gotten 5 right and had 5200. Saidi had gotten 4 right and had 3800.
     Saidi found the first Daily Double of the round, in “G”eography. She’d gotten 2 right and had 4600. Alistair had gotten one wrong and had 800. Rachel still had 5200. Saidi wagered 2000 on this clue: “Between the Dardanelles & the Aegean lies this Turkish peninsula, site of WWI strife.” Saidi didn’t have a response. “Plenty of time left,” Mr. Trebek said. Alistair then shot to the lead after getting three right in “G”eography! In the meantime Saidi sank further, to 600, after negging on the 2000 clue in the category. Alistair got the next one right, then Saidi, then Alistair again, six times. (Saidi negged on one of those.) Then came a triple-stumper. Saidi got the next one, and Alistair the next. Another triple-stumper, then Saidi got one that Alistair and Rachel both negged on. Poor Rachel seemed desperate to get in the game, and seemed to ring in to guess. Then another triple-stumper, and Saidi got the next one. Rachel finally got one right, then. The next clue was a triple-stumper, which gave Rachel control of the Daily Double in Adventurous Folks. (Did anyone else see Rachel look toward the audience as the contestants had time to ring in on that triple-stumper?) Rachel had 2400, Alistair had 13200, and Saidi had 3000. Rachel wagered 2000 on this clue, read by Kelly of the Clue Crew: “Fearful of cannibals on the mainland, this Portuguese explorer sought food and refuge on South Africa’s Robben Island during his India voyage in the 1490s.” She and I got it right! Mr. Trebek said there was less than a minute to go, but there was only one more clue read. Rachel and Saidi negged on it. Mr. Trebek called them “bad guesses.” I’d like to have seen those pop music clues, but oh well. So that left Rachel with 2400, Alistair still with 13200, and Saidi with 1000. I see Alistair’s elated look now!
     What was with that long commercial about the Clue Crew? I was ready for them to say they’re looking to add to their ranks. They said they’re “just getting started”!
     The Final Jeopardy category was Fashion Designers. This was the clue: “In 1986, her company, now associated with JC Penney, became the first founded by a woman to make the Fortune 500.” I’m pleased to say I got this one right, but I wasn’t very confident about it. Alistair and Saidi got it right too. Saidi added 950, and Alistair wagered nothing. That is a classy move, in my opinion. Rachel lost 399. So we will see Alistair tomorrow.
     This is off the subject a little bit, but I walked through JC Penney tonight (after the show) and my heart stopped before the rest of me did, at the dresses. I’d wear one every day if I had a reason to. And it doesn’t hurt that my weight’s as low as it’s ever been as an adult: 114.5. Tonight I wished I had a reason to buy one or two or three. Yes, I know Christmas is coming, but I’d planned to wear a dress I’ve only worn once. (It’s the one I wore to the Washington pub quiz.) But feast your eyes on these, for example (and keep in mind they look better on the hanger or on slimmer women) And some were on clearance!:

Plaid Cowl-Neck Dress

Danny&Nicoleยฎ Keyhole-Neckline Print Dress Short-Sleeve Belted Dress
     There’s one more I wanted to show you but I couldn’t find it on their site. I happened to be there again before this was gonna publish, so here it is:

     These were my triple-stumpers today:

  • In Army Branches: “It’s the ancient symbol seen here on the insignia of the Medical Service Corps.”

  • In Pop Music Before & After: “‘The Crying Game’ & ‘Got My Mind Set on You’.”
  • In Starts with a Body Part: “Triglycerides are one type of these fatty compounds.”
  • In Comma Sutra: “A motif resembling a comma is central to some types of this textile pattern named for a Scottish town.”
     My Coryat today was only 17000 (23400 without negs).