The Faults of Our Stars

      Recent Coryats from season 25:
Originally 5-12-09: 30200 (37400 without negs!) I accepted “infest” for “infect.”
Originally 5-13-09: 26600 (33000 without negs 🙁 )
Originally 5-14-09: 33200 (36200 without negs)
     Without further ado, the last day of the Teen Tournament semifinals. You may recall that yesterday, all three contestants gave the same incorrect response to the Final and wagered it all, leaving it unresolved til today who one of the finalists would be. So let’s find out. Today’s contestants:

Leonard Cooper of Little Rock AR

Nilai Sarda of Marietta GA

Emily Greenberg of Westport CT

     I first wondered whether today’s contestants were aware of yesterday’s goings-on. Mr. Trebek left no doubt about it when he said he was “still reeling from the ending of our program yesterday,” and went on to describe what happened. I also wonder how long of a break they had to take yesterday when it was determined there was no winner. Today Mr. Trebek made it sound like the contestant coordinators had at least told the contestants what would happen in that case. And speaking of contestant coordinators, did any drop dead when they saw Kelton gave an incorrect response, knowing that he too had wagered it all?
     If today’s contestants knew what happened yesterday, did they also know what happened Wednesday and thus how much they’d have to end with today? Let’s get to it…
     Nilai was the one to catch early. He got 8 right before the first break, at which time he had 5000. Emily and Leonard had each gotten 3 right and had 1200 and 1600. No negs yet!
     I haven’t seen the movie but I thought this was the easiest clue in Movies by Cast. Yet it was worth the most: “Patrick Swayze & Jennifer Grey in this ’80s movie.”
     Nilai found the Daily Double in African Americans. He’d gotten the one right since the break and had 5400. Leonard had gotten 2 right and had 3200. Emily still had 1200. Nilai wagered 2000 on this clue: “Crispus Attucks, called the first American to die for independence, was killed in this 1770 incident.” Nilai got it right! Imagine if he’d wagered it all.
     Leonard’s interview was quite long, but we saw all the clues. At the end of the round, Leonard had gotten 5 right since Nilai’s Daily Double and had 6000. Emily still had 1200, and Nilai had gotten 3 right and had 9400.
     As expected, Emily started at Books & Authors. Good move – she got out of her rut and swept the category! But not before finding the first Daily Double there. She had 3600, Leonard had 6000, and Nilai had 9400. Emily wagered 2000 on this clue (I’d likely have wagered it all): “John Green riffed on a line from ‘Julius Caesar’ for the title of this novel about 2 teens with cancer who fall in love.” Emily had an instant look of recognition, and got it right. No way had I heard of this. I’d heard of this though, in Complete the Lyric: “The White Stripes: ‘I’m gonna fight ’em off,’ this military group ‘couldn’t hold me back.” I got this right when it was on Jeopardy! in the past, and it’s thanks to Guitar Hero. 🙂
     Nilai found the next Daily Double in Let’s Visit a Museum. He pumped his fist! There were 4 clues after this one, all in that category. Nilai had gotten 4 right since Emily’s Daily Double and had 14200. Emily had gotten 10 right and had 18400. Leonard had gotten 4 right and one wrong and had 10800. Nilai wagered 2000 on this softball: “The Prado in this country is home to one of the world’s finest art collections.”
     Leonard got those last 4 clues right. He ended the round with 15200. So Emily still had 18400 and Nilai had 16200. Close game, eh?
     The Final Jeopardy category was U.S. Government. This was the clue: “Recently in the news, this agency traces its origins to an 1803 act helping Portsmouth, N.H. after a fire.” This was another no-brainer in my opinion. All 3 contestants got it right. Leonard added 15000. Nilai added 14200, but Emily? She only added 6000! Not only is this not enough to win, it’s not enough to be the highest-scoring losing semifinalists. That would be Leonard. Predictions for the two-day final? Hopes?
     I had a few bad clams today, in the Jeopardy! sense. Here they are:

  • In Movies by Cast: “Michael Cera & Kat Dennings as this duo with an ‘infinite playlist.'” Okay, I’ve gotta do it: The words “infinite playlist” were part of a category name in the 5-13 episode I link to above.
  • In Weird Science (That little chime in the background is an e-mail coming in.) 🙂 : 
  • In Work”er”s: “Mark 6:3 says Jesus is one of these.” And this was a triple-stumper! 
  • In Let’s Visit a Museum: “A god rose from the sea…or a 460 B.C. statue of one did, & it’s at this capital’s Natl. Archaelogical Museum.” 

     But these were my triple-stumpers:

  • In Movies by Cast: “Keira Knightley & Jonathan Rhys Meyers in this soccer flick.” Do you guys know the correct response to this tweeted clue? Those are so hard!
  • In African Americans: “In 1893 internal surgery was rare…most patients died of infection…but that year Dr. Daniel Hale Williams used antiseptic methods during one of the first successful open heart surgeries, suturing this sac around the heart.” 
  • In International Language Lessons: “In Germany it’s how you say ‘Thank you very much’ for that second helping of spargel.”
  • In Complete the Lyric: “Usher & Alicia Keys: ‘I know we haven’t seen each other in a while, but you will always be my’ this.” 
  • Again in Complete the Lyric: “Frank Sinatra: ‘If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere, it’s up to you’ here.”
     My Coryat today was 31400 (34400 without negs).
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