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      After this recap, see what contestant Rebecca Anderson has to say about her appearance on the show! (Thank you, Rebecca!) As for this week’s contestants, the Howdies are posted! Way to go Jeopardy!
Rhea Hantelman
Jermaine Jones
Sean Kram
Marge Lindblom
Andrea Massar
Norah McKissic
Neal Shah
Jennifer Spirko
     On Friday, Mike Shapiro won his second episode. So this post might have 2 tags on it! But the most pressing question on my mind is whether I’ll have watched this episode the second time through in time for baseball. I hate blogging under the gun but getting this to you in a timely fashion is paramount. I’m starting to wonder whether anyone cares, though.
     Enough doom and gloom.

Gus Iurillo
(He’s wearing a different outfit in his Howdy.)
Mike Shapiro
Molly Kossoff

     Molly is a “beauty-industry magazine editor.” The pressure’s on to look like one!
     At the top of the show, Mr. Trebek reminded us to enter the Explore the World sweepstakes. (He called it the “World Adventure” sweepstakes.) You need to know the day’s Final Jeopardy category but, disappointingly, they give you a choice of 3!
     We suffered through 5 long clues from Wicked (the musical). What is the show’s obsession with this musical? They tweeted twice and retweeted twice about it. Molly went to the category after getting the first clue of the show right. She swept the category. Then of course the audience applauded, and Mr. Trebek paused to congratulate the show on its 10th anniversary. No, you weren’t wrong: We really did only get through 2 categories before the first break. (Is that a record?)
Mike 600 (2 right and one wrong)
Molly 4600 (8 right)
Gus 0
     Molly found the Daily Double of the round in Another Jackson 5.
Mike 2000 (2 right)
Molly 5600 (4 right and one wrong)
Gus -200 (2 right and one wrong)
     Molly wagered 2000 on this clue: “Maynard Jackson was mayor of this city, & one of the USA’s busiest airports now bears his name.” I was proud to know this one. Molly got it wrong.
     Mr. Trebek gave the less-than-a-minute warning with 9 clues left.
     I was wondering if I was dreaming when this was a triple-stumper in Things to Do Today: “Pick up more of these for that roofing job — I’ll need cedar ones in the 24-inch ‘royal’ length to match.”
     At the end of the round:
Mike 2000
Molly 5000
Gus 1000
     I’m a lifelong Catholic but I’d never have gotten this triple-stumper, in It’s in the “Can”: “In Catholicism this part of the Mass begins after the preface & Sanctus & ends just before The Lord’s Prayer.” I did get this next clue, a triple-stumper in the same category: “This postal marking or perforation on a stamp indicates that it’s been used.” Maybe the contestants thought the correct response was too easy?
     Mike found the first Daily Double of the round in Middle Age Men.
Mike 4800 (2 right)
Molly 11400 (7 right)
Gus 3000 (2 right)
     Mike wagered 3200 on this clue: “Al-razi gave the first description of acquired immunity in a discussion of this disease that disfigured & killed.” I got it wrong, and so did Mike.
     I got this triple-stumper in Are You Gonna Eat That?: “This generic 4-letter variety of seaweed, kombu in Japanese — no.”
     Mike found the next Daily Double too, in House Hunters Intergalactic. Mr. Trebek said we were running out of time. There were 4 clues left on the board.
Mike 6000 (3 right)
Molly 12600 (3 right and one wrong)
Gus 8600 (2 right)
     Mike wagered 5000 on this clue: “Want land? Buying on this moon of Saturn is a no-brainer: it’s 3,200-mile diameter is bigger than Mercury.” Luckily he got this right. Somehow, I did too! I threw out a word not expecting it to be right. I should’ve gotten the next 2 right also, but didn’t ring in.
     We saw all the clues in the round!
Mike 11000
Molly 16200 (3 right)
Gus 7000 (One right)
     When I saw Gus’s total I thought it was a runaway because I’d forgotten that Mike had gotten his Daily Double right.
     The Final Jeopardy category was Literary Characters. This was the clue: “This 19th century character talks about his own writings about tattoo marks & on the tracing of footsteps.” This clue was badly done. (Two “about”s?) I got stuck on Gulliver and couldn’t think of anything better. This clue stumped all three contestants too. Molly did not write anything down. Gus and Mike both said “Fagin”! He posts on the boards, so I’ll read there about why he guessed that. There must be something to it. Gus lost 1500, Mike lost 10000 and Molly lost 5100, leaving her with 11100 and enough to be the new champ. So no update to the ToC list here.
     My Coryat today was 26600 (29000 without negs).
     Now enjoy this from Rebecca.

Jeanie: I see on your Twitter home page you are a Diamondbacks fan! Are you watching the World Series?
Rebecca: I have been watching the divisional series and the championship series, and though I missed the first two World Series games (one was the night of my Jeopardy appearance!). I got to see game three and hope the World Series will go seven games. Baseball is my favorite sport to watch, so I want as many games as possible!
Jeanie: Can you explain your Final Jeopardy wager?
Rebecca: The short answer is I panicked and forgot all the strategy. Final Jeopardy wagering is something I never paid attention to before I knew I was going on, and although I practiced after I found out I would be a contestant, it clearly wasn’t enough! With hindsight I know I wagered too much, and it ended up costing me 2nd place. To be clear, I didn’t feel rushed by the Jeopardy crew, I just did my math wrong.
Jeanie: A couple of people noticed that you’re tall. How tall are you?
Rebecca: I’m 6’2″. One of the things that Mike, Bill, Alex Trebek, and I joked about during the filming of the closing credits was that everyone would now see how much taller I was.
Jeanie: I was encouraged when you said you had a “great experience” (even though
you lost). Is there anything particular you had in mind, or that you wanted to say?
Rebecca: I really did have a great experience. Being a contestant on Jeopardy was a dream come true, and I knew I would be happy regardless of the outcome for simply being on the show. All the other contestants were friendly and supportive, and the staff is so positive and accommodating. Although of course I wish I had performed better, I had a wonderful experience overall. I can also say I lost to two multi-day champions, and I wish Mike continuing good luck!
Jeanie: Did you play on a Tuesday or Wednesday? If it was Tuesday, did you go back to the studio Wednesday to watch some more?
Rebecca: I played on a Wednesday, so I headed right back to Phoenix after they finished our week. I’m looking forward to seeing how Mike does tonight!

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