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     My Coryat for this past weekend’s episode, which originally aired 7-9-13, was 30800 (34800 without negs). The first time I played, I described my score as “lackluster”: 22800 (26000 without negs). It’s obvious it hasn’t been very long since these episodes aired.
     Yesterday, Rhea Hantelman blew away the competition in winning her first episode.

Andrea Massar
Norah McKissic

     The first clue of the game was a triple-stumper that got me, too. Not a good sign. In Also a Classic Monopoly Space: “Randomness.” At the first break:
Rhea 2800 (5 right)
Norah 1600 (5 right)
Andrea 1800 (3 right)
     Rhea found the Daily Double of the round, in Birth, School, Work, Death.
Rhea 3600 (2 right)
Norah 3200 (3 right)
Andrea 2200 (One right)
     Rhea wagered just 500?! on this clue: “A hotel room in 1888, a year at Princeton, some ‘Electra’-fying playwriting, a hotel room in 1953.” She and I got it wrong.
     There were 7 clues left when Mr. Trebek gave the minute-to-go warning, and some were video clues. Three were left covered.
Rhea 3100
Norah 6000 (3 right)
Andrea 4000 (2 right)
     Whoa, Rhea’s in third place going into Double Jeopardy!
     This first clue in The Jesuits (though not the first clue selected in the round), was a triple-stumper that got me too, and the contestants didn’t go back to it until the remaining 4 clues were the only ones left in the round: “The Jesuits were founded in 1540 by St. Ignatius, a man from this present-day country.”
     Norah found the first Daily Double of the round, in U.S. Forces Overseas.
Rhea 3500 (One right)
Norah 13200 (6 right)
Andrea 8800 (5 right)
     Norah wagered just 2000 on the clue, which wasn’t a video even though the first 2 in the category were: “Camp Patriot & a related naval base are located on the southeast coast of this small Persian Gulf country.”  She and I got it right, but mine was a guess.
     TV Title Math was surprisingly easy (that is, the shows in the clues were all known to me), but I did commit an embarrassing math error on the first clue of the category. Norah found the next Daily Double there, too.
Rhea 5900 (Two right)
Norah 16000 (One right)
Andrea 8800
     I’d have gone big here. Norah wagered 3000 on this clue: “Sum of the digits in a famous Shannen Doherty zip code.” Norah and I got it right.
     I don’t believe we saw any negs (from the contestants anyway) until there were 6 clues left in the round, and the first one shouldn’t have happened because he’d already been a correct response in the category. Norah negged here, in The Current Supreme Court Justice Who: “Was nominated to the court, then renominated.” I stayed clam. Then Rhea appeared to guess on a 2000 clue and got it wrong, only to be picked up by Andrea. And that hurts. She shouldn’t have done that since “Ginsburg” had already been a correct response, and “O’Connor” could be ruled out easily. I got this one right too, but, like Andrea, only after Rhea negged: “Was the first woman to become solicitor general.”
     I ended the round with a bang, getting this one in The Jesuits: “The Jesuit society is considered a ‘mendicant order,’ meaning they get by by doing this.”
Rhea 7900 (3 right and one wrong)
Norah 19400 (One right and one wrong)
Andrea 13200 (4 right)
     The Final Jeopardy category is Nations of the World. This is the clue: “The only 2 countries in the Americas that border each other & begin with the same letter.” Okay, I peeked at the boards before watching this show so I could see the final category and enter the daily Explore the World Sweepstakes. So while I tried to avoid it I saw a teeny bit of discussion, and it led me to not even consider South America; only central America. 🙁 So like the contestants, I did not come up with a correct response. Rhea lost 7800. Andrea lost 6201, and Norah lost 8000. Norah ended with enough to be the new champ.
     My Coryat today was 25000 (28600 without negs). I’m surprised it was that high, actually.

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