The Waiting Game Begins Anew

Good morning! Andy here with a recap!

First up, though, I wrote the online test last night! If you’re looking for a transcript, you can find it at It started off reasonably well, and I nearly panicked as I missed a few questions midway that threatened to knock my test off the rails! But I recovered and ended up with a very good score! I also had a handful of questions where I was able to pull a correct answer! Detroit is my audition city, so I’ll be crossing my fingers and hoping for an audition!

I’ve selected both Tweets Of The Night regarding the online testing:

(35 very likely means you passed. Congratulations!)

Onto the game.

Today’s contestants:

Andrew was introduced as an antiquarian bookseller!

J! round categories:

LORD OF THE RINKS was a hockey category! Carolyn, the Michigander, got 3 out of 5! Mary had trouble get in in front of the two challengers!

THE PRESIDENT’S ALMA MATER $1000 had the Daily Double; this one went to Andrew! Scores:
Andrew $3,000
Carolyn $1,600
Mary $400

Andrew: He graduated from the University of Cincinnati Law School, where he was later dean. The best Andrew could come up with was “Harrison” and he fell to $1,600!

At the first break, the scores were:
Carolyn $2,400 (5 right)
Andrew $1,600 (5 right, 1 wrong)
Mary $1,200 (3 right)

Carolyn lives in historic Dearborn; the original owner of her house was kicked out for violating a morality clause — by having a still in the basement! Mary’s an Emmy-winning film editor (for The Farm). It appears as though the film was written by a Bob Harris, but apparently a different Bob Harris than the one we all know! (At least according to IMDB.)

Back to the game, Mary had a much better time on the buzzer!

Our players did well in hockey, but not so much in poker. $1000 (If you end up with a straight from the 10 to the ace, it’s called this, like an NYC street) was a Triple Stumper.

At the end of 30, the scores were:
Mary $5,600 (10 right)
Carolyn $3,800 (7 right)
Andrew $3,200 (8 right, 1 wrong)

DJ! round categories:

It took a little bit to find the first of the Daily Doubles! PLAY THAT FIDDLE $1600 had it, and it was found on the 24th clue of the round! It was Carolyn’s to play, and the scores were:
Mary $13,200
Carolyn $9,400
Andrew $7,200

Carolyn bet $3,000. Why not go for $4,000 and go for the lead? Anyway, her clue: This 19th century Genoese virtuoso may have had Marfan syndrome, accounting for his elongrated fingers. Carolyn had no idea and fell to $6,400. (Took me a few seconds to come up with that one, but I did get it!)

Lots of bacon references in this game as a whole — there was a bacon clue in WHEN PIGS FRY and clues about both Francis Bacon in BESTSELLERS and Kevin Bacon in AFRODISNEYAC.

The final Daily Double was Andrew’s and he was rewarded by starting at the $800 level by finding the wagering clue there! Scores:
Mary $13,200
Andrew $9,200
Carolyn $6,400

Andrew bet $4,000. Clue: With Argentina’s help, this country broke away from Brazil in 1825. His correct response put him at $13,200!

Meanwhile, the $2,000 clue: In 1990 South Africa reluctantly gave independence to this nation that had once been a German colony. Mary first negged out of the lead. Then, Andrew inexplicably tried to pick up the rebound, and proceeded to hand the lead back to Mary.

Scores going into Final:
Mary $12,800 (12 right, 2 wrong)
Andrew $12,400 (8 right, 3 wrong)
Carolyn $6,400 (5 right, 1 wrong)

FJ! category: THE TITANIC

FJ! clue: A member of Parliament said “those who have been saved have been saved through one man”, this Italian

Carolyn 6400 – 0 = 6400
Andrew 12400 – 400 = 12000
Mary 12800 – 12400 = 400

Well, if there’s ever an ending that can convince people to want to take the online test, it was certainly that one! Andrew is the new champion, and he’ll be back to defend tomorrow!

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