If the shoe fits

     Yesterday, I meant to mention that I saw this in the Sunday Omaha World-Herald:

     Nice guy, that Nick Lemek.
     Are you guys aware that Arthur Chu and Brad Rutter are live-tweeting these games? (At least they did last night.) Have a little fun like I did and follow along. And look who I discovered is getting in on the act:

     I don’t know what I was doing in the studio when these three walked in, but they were at their lecterns when I looked at the stage:

Russ Schumacher
Tom Nosek

Pam Mueller

     Mr. Trebek explained the format of this tournament, which I hadn’t noticed he didn’t do yesterday.
     I didn’t fall for this trap like Russ did, in On the Map: “In a valley 3000 feet above sea level sits this capital city.”

     You can see what I did, that Russ strained to see the picture again after he was negged.
     I don’t know if you could hear Jerome Vered howl in the audience like this one in TV IQ Test, but he went on and on about how much he loved it, even telling contestant coordinator Maggie. I didn’t get the joke!: “This writer created ‘The West Wing.’ Created ‘The West Wing’? Created ‘The West Wing,’ yes.”
     Like the 80s contestant yesterday, Tom was fast out of the gate:
Tom 3400 (6 right)
Pam 1800 (3 right and one wrong)
Russ 800 (2 right and 2 wrong)
     Tom found the Daily Double of the round in The Missing Man.
Tom 5600 (4 right)
Pam 5000 (4 right)
Russ 800
     Tom wagered 3000 on this clue: “Aboard Apollo 11: Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin.” Tom got it right!
     At the end of the round:
Tom 8800 (One right)
Pam 5400 (One right)
Russ 2600 (4 right)
     Pam found the first Daily Double of the round in French Poets.
Tom 8000 (One wrong)
Pam 8200 (2 right)
Russ 6600 (3 right)
     Pam wagered 5000 (!) on this clue: “Also a novelist, he began an 1839 poem, ‘The church is vast; its towering pride, its steeples loom on high.” She got it! She found the next Daily Double too, in Yucky History.
Tom 10000 (3 right and one wrong)
Pam 15600 (3 right)
Russ 10200 (2 right)
     This time she wagered 3000 on this clue: “As in the western ‘Flesh & the Spur,’ Indians used staking people to these as a torture — or at least white settlers said so.” She was wrong.
     Mr. Trebek was right, at the end of the round – These scores are impressive:
Tom 11200 (3 right and one wrong)
Pam 17400 (5 right)
Russ 15400 (4 right)
     Remember, these contestants have wildcards to consider. How would you wager? I don’t even want to think about it!
     The Final Jeopardy category was U.S. States. This was the clue: “Between 2006 & 2013 it went from 39th to 6th in per capita income & its unemployment rate dropped to the nation’s lowest.” I admit I looked over Ed Toutant’s shoulder in the row in front of me to read the response he was pointing out to the guy next to him. (Chuck Forrest‘s family was sitting behind me, by the way!) Ed had it right. Tom did not. He lost 8800! Ouch! I don’t know; if I were gonna wager that much I’d go all the way. I cringe in anticipation of contrary comments, but it seems like 2400 would not be good enough for a wildcard. Russ got this one right! He added 1300. Pam was wrong and she did wager more than 1000: 2602. So is it because Russ won that he wasn’t at the pub like he was in January?
     Since I did it to Robin yesterday, what do you think of Pam’s outfit?

     I’m pretty sure she was wearing the same shoes she had on in January, and there’s nothing wrong with that.
     Here’s an update to the wildcard list:
Leszek Pawlowicz 15000
Pam Mueller 14798
Tom Nosek 2400
Robin Carroll 0

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