Hot fun in the summertime

     Do I have the perfect treat for a Sunday afternoon. Or a long summer road trip or airplane ride. It’s entertaining no matter when you find it! Stefan Goodreau created a quiz for Learned League, for which he was widely praised. I loved it so much I sent the clues to my uncle and two sisters. These are Stefan’s words, explaining it to those of us in the league who played:

     “These are paraphrased palindromes. To answer correctly, you must return them to their palindromic structure. Palindromes, as you probably know, are words, phrases, or sentences that read the same forward and backward (disregarding spaces and punctuation).

     Some notes:

  • No word from the original palindromes is in their respective paraphrases.
  • Not all clues were constructed exactly parallel to the correct responses.
  • Some sentence fragments have been interpreted into complete sentences.
  • Although the palindromes occasionally strain grammar, they don’t contain any misspellings.
  • There may be more than one way to palindromically respond to some of these; unforeseen palindromes will be accepted if they fit the clue.

     Have fun! Watch out for bookends!”

     I thought about revealing the expected answers like I do in recaps, where correct responses can be seen when the arrow’s hovering over the dark red text. But I’d rather put them in a future post so you can think about these for a while. Those of us who competed for real had one day, but I’ll give you several. 🙂 I’ll let you know then which ones I got right, and how some Jeopardy! notables did too. Thank you so much, Stefan!

1. Aries of Ares

2. Away! Suspend one sausage, for no one may share my broad, flat noodles.

3.  Bring the car to the curb, Mrs. Peron; this is our arrival, so say hi and bring the car to the curb.

4.  A Cohiba? Throw that away; how devastating.

5.  Don’t deny anyone’s deserved attention. Those spiced breakfast pastries look great!

6.  Johnny’s announcer (that’s me) done performed the Mass part after the sign of peace.

7.  Let us toast elaborately ornamental, 18th century decay!

8.  Lycanthropic plant life, gross!

9.  My mother has a level of altruism comparable to mine.

10.  Of “Jaguar” and “jaguar,” which describes what caught my eye?

11.  Paul Reubens’s character allowed the newly baptized Confederate general to cry.

12.  Worked with coiffures, that’s how one outcast worked.

     Have fun. I have no doubt you will.

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