Howard’s End

Andy here with my first recap of Season 31! I hope you’ve been enjoying the live panel hangouts!

Also, unlike my co-blogger, I like Alex’s moustache!

Today’s players: Howard Jacobs, Erica Hersh, and defending champion Bill Cossen – who won $15,000 yesterday!

J! round categories:

Bill found the first Daily Double at the bottom of THE AMERICANS! Scores:

Bill $1,000
Erica $600
Howard $400

Bill bet $1,000. His clue: Best known for a different work, in 1833 he produced a “common version” of the holy bible “with amendments of the language”. Bill went for Thoreau and fell to $0.

At the end of 15 clues, the scores were quite low! They were:

Erica $1,800
Howard $400
Bill $400

Howard’s son Daniel was on back in January — here’s Jeanie’s recap of it!

Considering the rather small amount of liveliness we saw early on, I found the following clue amusing (at the bottom of 9-LETTER WORDS): “V” know this adjective means lively or animated. Howard got it!

By the end of 30, the scores were:

Erica $5,200
Bill $3,600
Howard $2,200

DJ! round categories:

A Triple Stumper that I got at the bottom of MILITARY FIRSTS: The 1st man to win this highest British military medal was sailor Charles Lucas in 1854 for actions during the Crimean War. Howard tried “Distinguished Service Award” and dropped $2,000.

THE SUPREME COURT $1600 had a Daily Double — and much to my chagrin, it was a video! Bill played it, with scores at:

Bill $8,400
Erica $5,200
Howard $1,000

Bill bet $2,600. His clue, read by Sandra Day O’Connor: A lot more people got to know what we sounded like on December 11, 2000, when the oral argument in this case became the first one released for same-day broadcast. His correct response put him at $11,000.

Erica went over to ROCK BAND NAMES (yay!) but Bill and Howard wanted PHILOSOPHICALLY SPEAKING first (boo!) I got 4 of 5, missing the last one (Old Adults Not For Auction)

At one point, the scores sat at the wagering-friendly $12,600-$8,400-$4,200 — but I knew that wasn’t going to hold!

The final Daily Double was under CRITTERS $1600, with a pair of $2000 clues left and the minute-to-go signal given! Bill played it, with scores at:

Bill $15,000
Erica $10,400
Howard $6,200

Bill bet $3,000. His clue: This largest sea turtle is the only one that lacks a hard shell, instead having skin with tiny bone plates. Bill had no answer and fell to $12,000!

One clue was left unplayed — scores going into Final were:

Bill $12,000
Erica $8,400
Howard $6,200

Final Jeopardy! category: MUSICAL THEATRE

Final Jeopardy! clue: In “Godspell” this character leads the company in singing “Prepare ye the way of the lord”

Howard 6200 + 6000 = 12000
Erica 8400 – 3800 = 4600
Bill 12000 + 4801 = 16801

Alex explained that Howard’s response was correct as his answer and the intended answer were intended to be one and the same within the production of “Godspell” — I want to know who they had to call on that one and how long the tape stopped for! Thankfully, we’ve got Erica, and maybe even Bill, on our panel next week!

Bill is now a 2-day champion, $31,801! Will he make our new ToC list soon? Come back tomorrow and find out!