Kids Week 2014 — Day 3

Andy back with the recap of Wednesday’s Kids Week episode! Remember to work on timing and strategy this week!

We’ve got a great panel lined up for Saturday afternoon to discuss Kids Week experiences of various alumni from Kids Week!

Today’s players:
Jake McCrory, Pueblo, CO
Gabby Fusco, Maspeth, NY
Grace Acton, Harvard, MA

We got to all 3 Daily Doubles today!

The first Daily Double was midway through the Jeopardy! round in a $1,000 BIBLE clue.

You have $4,600; your two opponents — $800 and $400. What would you do?

I would say THE BIBLE is screaming for a category dependent wager, especially at the bottom where the Daily Double is likely to be tougher. If the Bible is strong for you, bet big and take a huge lead! If not, make a small bet and don’t let your opponents back into the game!

(Jake bet $500 here.)

Midway through Double Jeopardy, FROZEN $1600 had the first Daily Double in that round!

Betting on this one, you have $7,600; your opponents $7,300 and $600. What would you do?

Daily Double get rates tend to be higher for contestants than they give themselves credit for — generally people should bet more than they actually do on the Daily Double.

Grace chose to bet $1,000 here.

The final Daily Double was under LET IT “GO” on the 21st clue of the round. Still not late enough to really worry about Final Jeopardy positioning, you have $7,400; your opponents have $7,700 and -$1,400.

On Daily Doubles where the category has quotation marks, I personally find the Daily Double to be easier than the average clue on the board — because you know the answer needs to have those letters in it! Your own mileage may vary on those clues, but I’d be aggressive when betting here!

(Grace bet $1,000 again.)

Scores going into Final:
Grace $11,600
Jake $9,700
Gabby -$1,400

Final Jeopardy! was US GEOGRAPHY: This city of 650,000 people is the most populous U.S. city not found in a U.S. state

If you’re Grace, you should bet $7,801. If you’re Jake, you can bet between $1,900 and $5,900 safely.

Jake 9700 – 5101 = 4599
Grace 11600 – 5000 = 6600

This felt las much like a normal Kids Week episode as any. I feel bad that Jake didn’t win — he deserved to, in my opinion!