Quick Recap – September 22, 2015

Will Natalie displace the Dark Lord, Darren Harris-Fain (and move Michael Bilow to the bubble)?

Also, Mai has already been on #JeopardyLivePanel!

Today’s contestants:

Dylan Parson, a student from Slippery Rock, PA
Mai Kulkarni, an operations manager from Macon, GA
Natalie Lips, an office assistant from Lincoln, NE (3-day champ,$57,601)

     I started to track my Coryat, but an animated conversation with Andy over, um, “creative differences” caused me to drop it. (It was not acrimonious; don’t worry!) We are both passionate, so no need to ever worry about that. For one thing, he likes pictures from the Jeopardy! site and I like the ones from the TV. I wanted you to weigh in and he thought you wouldn’t care about the pictures. And so on. Maybe you notice something else different today.
     I don’t know what Natalie wore yesterday, but I like today’s shirt. And after yesterday she started to create some buzz in Lincoln. Even my dad said he saw something in the paper about it. And the TV writer tweeted about it yesterday.

     He interviewed me when I was on the show, so I reminded him that I exist. 😉 I don’t know why he hasn’t interviewed her.
     Scores going into Final Jeopardy!:
Natalie 9000
Mai 5000
Dylan 11700

     Final Jeopardy category: Presidential Elections

     Final Jeopardy clue: The only election year since 1952 in which neither major-party candidate had been president or vice president.

     It was a triple-stumper, and in fact I had to ask on Twitter what the correct response was. I’m between apartments and there’s no DVR here. That’s not easily Googled, and I still don’t know the right response!

(Andy here. I’ve added in the correct response. I got Final to bring my streak to 6, and 6/7 on the season. It was a tough game today!)

Natalie 9000-9000 = 0
Mai 5000-3001 = 1999
Dylan 11700-6301 = 5399

     (That means Dylan is your winner.)

(contestant photo credit: jeopardy.com)

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