2016 College Championship – Finals Preview

After eight games’ worth of incredibly close competition, we have our three finalists, who will play in a TWO-DAY TOTAL POINT AFFAIR Thursday and Friday for $100,000. Second place gets $50,000 and third $25,000.

Here are your three finalists:

Finals: February 11-12, 2016
Sarah Dubnik
Senior, University of Pittsburgh
Jamison, PA
QF: 17 R, 1 W, 2/2 DDs, $11,600 Coryat
SF: 22 R, 1 W, 2/2 DDs, $15,400 Coryat
Niki Peters
Sophomore, University of California, Berkeley
Boise, ID
QF: 25 R, 2 W, 1/1 DDs, $20,200 Coryat
SF: 17 R, 3 W, 2/2 DDs, $14,000 Coryat
Sam Deutsch
Junior, University of Southern California
Bethesda, MD
QF: 17 R, 2 W, 1/1 DDs, $12,400 Coryat
SF: 17 R, 1 W, 0/0 DDs, $12,800 Coryat

Andy’s Thoughts: If everyone was at 100%, I’d say that Niki would be a distinct favorite in this match (in fact, I’d even peg her as an early favorite in the ToC if she wins this final). Unfortunately, as Niki has mentioned, she was not at 100%. (Being that this is the College Tournament, definitely shades of Joe Montana at the 1979 Cotton Bowl here.) Sarah just came off a very impressive performance in both buzzer and knowledge against Ziad Ali, a player who many felt could have done very well. Sam has probably had the least amount of luck on the buzzer thus far in two games, but as Ben Ingram showed in the 2014 ToC, all you need is to be in the game to have a shot! I expect that things will be very close between all three players. I’d say that if this final were played 10 times, that Niki would take 4 and that Sarah and Sam would take 3. Best of retroactive luck!

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