#ThrowbackThursday – Big Daily Double Betting

This week, Philip Tiu has captured the hearts of fans—and attacked many of those hearts—with his large Daily Double wagers, including an absolute-dollar record wager of $19,000.

Philip isn’t the only contestant to like big bets. Here are 10 others who have mixed things up a lot with their large wagers.

Alex Jacob

Due to the recency of Alex Jacob, Philip has been garnering many comparisons to Season 32’s Tournament of Champions victor. Alex, for one, likes to downplay the comparisons, especially when it comes to unplayed clues, but you can’t deny that both players aren’t afraid to bet big.

Alex is, in fact, one of only three people in the recorded history of the show, as per J! Archive, to bet $10,000 on a Daily Double three times (The others are Roger Craig and Ken Jennings). The first two of these came on Games 3 and 7 of his initial run, with bets of $12,600 and $10,200, respectively (both being True Daily Doubles). Alex went for a third massive True Daily Double in Game 1 of the Tournament of Champions final, putting the tournament almost away then and there with a $15,200 True Daily Double.

Unlike Philip thus far, though, Alex is also a fan of small bets when the situation calls for them. In the same game as the $10,200 bet, he also bet $100.. (He also bet $100 four other times and $5 once.)

Matt Jackson

The Tournament of Champions runner-up from 2015 also was no stranger to large wagers, being one of few to have a pair of five-figure bets.

His first utterance of $10,000 came in his twelfth game on October 12, 2015. After picking up $7,000 on the first Daily Double of Double Jeopardy, he found the second one immediately thereafter, and picked up another $10,000 on the second one!

Matt was in desperation mode in the 2015 ToC Final when the second bet came out. Needing to make headway and quickly, Matt bet $10,000 on the tournament’s final Daily Double—and missed, leading to Alex Jacob’s victory lap over the final 22 clues of the event. Can’t fault him for trying, though!

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