Sports Jeopardy Trolling Habs Fans this week?

On the August 24 episode of Sports Jeopardy, it could be said that Montreal Canadiens fans were trolled on two separate occasions!

The first clue, under HE IS NOT PLEASED 1,000, is still a sore point for many Habs fans, reminding us all of that fateful day against the Detroit Red Wings on December 2, 1995:

Left in net for 9 goals on Dec. 2, 1995, this goalie said he'd never play for Montreal again; he was right

The second one, I’ll preface by saying that this was inadvertent, as the episode would have taped prior to the trade, but the 2,000 point HOCKEY clue read:

Defenseman Shea Weber & country singer arm candy Mike Fisher are 2 of this team's notable players

Shea Weber, of course, was traded to Montreal in exchange for fan favorite P.K. Subban, in a trade that will likely rankle supporters of Les Bleu, Blanc et Rouge. for years to come.

You can watch the full episode, and every Sports Jeopardy episode, over on Crackle!


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