2016 Sports Jeopardy Online Test (September 7, 2016) – Questions

1) NFL FRANCHISE HISTORY: They moved to a new city in 1996 & won the Super Bowl under this name 5 years later

2) WRITERS: His books include “A Season On the Brink” about college hoops & “A Good Walk Spoiled” about golf

3) BASEBALL TEAM NAMES: They used to be the Colt .45s

4) THE WORLD CUP: Moses Madhiba Stadium in Durban was one venue for the 2010 World Cup in this country

5) THE 2016 OLYMPICS: In 2016 this woman from So-Cal became the first female runner in Olympic history with 6 gold medals

6) BASKETBALL HALL OF FAMERS: This Sixer/Sun/Rocket was inducted in 2006

7) SPORTS LINGO: It’s what a trainer literally does to signal that his fighter gives up

8) NFL ROSTERS: 2015: Barr, Berger, Bridgewater

9) WORLD GOLFERS: This South African came from 6 strokes behind to win his second British Open in 2012

10) BASEBALL GREATS: Before Pete Rose came along, he held the National League record for career hits

11) HOCKEY TALK: These colorful markers divide the ice into attacking, neutral & defending zones

12) THE MOVIES: We aren’t sure if Micky Ward or Dicky Eklund is the title character in this 2010 boxing film

13) NBA STARS: He was the main point guard for the most recent Boston Celtics NBA title team

14) COLLEGE FOOTBALL AWARDS: Since 1946 this trophy has gone to college football’s best interior lineman

15) NASCAR: In 2016 the all-star race & the Cola-Cola 600 were held on consecutive weekends at this raceway


16) TENNIS VENUES: The Australian Open is held at arenas named for Rod Laver & this female Aussie great

17) THE WINTER OLYMPICS: Before it made the Games, this group of ski events was known as “hotdogging”

18) NHL TEAMS: In 2016 this team announced its new goal song would be “Let’s Go Crazy”

19) NAME THAT HITTER: In 2015 this young Nat led the NL with 42 homers

20) SOCCER POSITIONS: In Italy, this now uncommon defensive position is known as the libero

21) COLLEGE HOOPS: Fittingly, UCLA’s Marques Johnson won the first award named for this legendary coach

22) SHOE BRANDS: This shoe brand has branched out into sponsoring Crossfit & Spartan race competitions

23) THE GREAT COURSES: Cypress Point Golf Club in this Monterey resort community has been called “The Sistine Chapel of Golf”

24) GRIDIRON GREATS: He’s the leading rusher in Detroit Lions history

25) LORD STANLEY’S CUP: In the 2016 final the Penguins took a bite out of them

26) OLYMPIC GREATS: Al Oerter dominated this throwing sport in the 1960s

27) ANNOUNCERS: In the ’50s he went from the Yankee infield to the broadcast booth, where he stayed until 1996

28) GONE TOO SOON: Nicknamed “Thunder” this Italian-Canadian boxing warrior died in 2009 at age 37

29) NBA TITLE WINNERS: Only the Celtics have won more NBA titles than this franchise’s 16

30) JOBS: On a rowing crew this person gets to face forward

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5 Comments on "2016 Sports Jeopardy Online Test (September 7, 2016) – Questions"

  1. Man…did I ever screw this one up lol…22/30 🙁

  2. How many do you have to get right? I got 22/30

    • Andy Saunders | September 12, 2016 at 5:20 pm |

      This may sound strange, but I am not 100% sure of what the passing score is for the Sports Jeopardy test.

    • Jeopardy doesn’t reveal the passing score for the on line test and does not notify you if you passed unless you’re selected to continue the selection process but I’m pretty sure 22/30 (under 80%) isn’t passing.

      • Andy Saunders | September 14, 2016 at 5:52 am |

        See, Harold, I’d heard rumours that the pass threshold was 21, but I obviously can’t confirm that.

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