This Week’s Contestants (December 12-16, 2016)

Tim Aten returns as a 6-time defending champion this week. Of course, Chelsea shared the general reaction in the Green Room when they found out about Tim.

Also: In case you have not heard: Upcoming contestant Cindy Stowell passed away last Monday; she had competed on the show with Stage IV cancer. Remember to watch on December 13. Her friends and family will also appreciate donations on her behalf to the Cancer Research Institute.

Tim Aten
Vermilion, Ohio

Amy Young
Corvallis, Oregon

Bridget McNulty
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

Garrett Levenbrook
Montclair, New Jersey

Cindy Stowell
Austin, Texas


Susanna Barron
Greenwich, Connecticut

Edward Montiel
San Jose, California

Chelsea Cohen
Astoria, New York

Sara Quashnie
Livonia, Michigan

Erin Williams
St. Louis, Missouri

Michael Rollins
Frisco, Texas

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