This Week’s Contestants (January 16-20, 2017)

Eli Nehus returns this week as champion. Among the states represented this week is Montana; Cathy Harding is that state’s first representative since Catie Fletcher all the way back in Season 28; she was the other challenger in the game played by the site’s founder!

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Eli Nehus
Fayetteville, Arkansas

John Avila
Arington, Virginia

Mary Caruso
Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Andrea Keppers
Denver, Colorado

Pete Tachibana
North Highlands, California


Aaron Ellis
Whitestown, Indiana

Sherri Cohen
Brooklyn, New York

Rachel Bauman
Bethesda, Maryland

Neil Uspal
Seattle, Washington

Cathy Harding
Deer Lodge, Montana

Hardy Clervil
Brooklyn, New York

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