This Week’s Contestants (January 2-6, 2017)

Mukund Marathe of Montclair, NJ is this week’s returning champion on Jeopardy! for this first week of 2017. No state gets its first representative this week on the program; the state count stays at 32 (plus DC and Ontario).

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Mukund Marathe
Montclair, New Jersey

Gavin Mulligan
Parker, Colorado

Katie Carter
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Rebecca Glass
New York, New York

Amanda Berofsky
Waterford, Michigan


Rich Betz
Honesdale, Pennsylvania

Megan Soto
San Diego, California

Joe Bartolomeo
Florence, Massachusetts

Kelsey Morgan
Charlottesville, Virginia

Dante Atkins
Washington, D.C.

Christina Bussmann
Columbus, Ohio

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