2017 TJF Andy Awards – The Nominees

The nomination period is now closed. Voting will take place for 2 weeks and the winners will be announced on the March 27 #JeopardyLivePanel.

(Thank you to Jennifer Morrow for the Andy Award design)

Remember as well, all Gold- and Silver-level Patreon supporters receive extra voting power!

Your nominees are:

Favorite Celebrity Contestant
Louie C. K.
S. E. Cupp
Sen. Al Franken
Jonathan Franzen
Matthew Weiner

Favorite #JeopardyLivePanel Panelist
Christopher Denault
Jay Johnson
Jennifer Morrow
Amanda Walker
Amy Young

Favorite Nonwinning Contestant
Jay Johnson
Julia Kite
Monikka Mann
Afam Onyema
Vivek Srikrishnan

Favorite Tournament Contestant
Kaberi Chakrabarty
Alec Fischthal
Emily Lamonica
Niki Peters
Jason Sterlacci

Favorite Interview(s)
Amelia Hershberger (body of work)
Hannah Norem – The Woolly Mammoth
Margaret Miles – Knit & Pet Cats
Susan Cole – Nerdcore
Mukund Marathe (body of work)

Favorite Moment
Niki Peters beats Sam Deutsch to Kanye West
Philip Tiu’s $19,000 Daily Double
Sabrina Duong: “What are…those?”
Teen Tournament Final and Alec Fischthal’s Reaction
Cindy Stowell’s Run

Favorite Contestant
Margaret Miles
Andrew Pau
Cindy Stowell
Philip Tiu
Seth Wilson

Favorite Episode
Apr. 1 (7270): Todd Giese vs. Oliver Bundy vs. Milton John
Apr. 15 (7280): Margaret Miles vs. Andrew Pau vs. McKinnie Lee Sizemore
May 9 (7296): Peter Buchholz vs. Kaberi Chakrabarty vs. Nicole Throckmorton
May 24 (7307): Buzzy Cohen vs. Brian Roberts vs. Victor Saymo
Dec. 13 (7422): Tim Aten vs. Garrett Levenbrook vs. Cindy Stowell

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