#JeopardyLivePanel’s Tips For Future Contestants

Andy Saunders goes into the #JeopardyLivePanel vault and brings out 3 interviews from the past in order to give 3 tips for future contestants on the show so that these contestants can have the best possible experience.

Interview 1, from June 19, 2016, talks about taping group camaraderie and how you should get as many email addresses as possible for your taping cohort.
In Interview 2, from September 2016, I talk to Miranda Prince about a Final Jeopardy! bet she ended up later regretting.
Interview 3, from May 2017: Melanie Tannenbaum Hepler talks about the realization that not all contestants are going to win and how she began to cope with her own performance.

This is an audio-only episode:

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