This Week’s Contestants – November 20-24, 2017

The Tournament of Champions is over. A new qualification period begins. The absolutely hilarious Kara Chandler (seriously, listen to her on #JeopardyLivePanel if you haven’t already) returns as champion. 10 more challengers join her. Who will end the week as Jeopardy! champion?

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Kara Chandler
Berwyn, Illinois
Kara Chandler on Jeopardy!
Eric Maher
Epping, New Hampshire
Eric Maher on Jeopardy!
Alex Jumper
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Alex Jumper on Jeopardy!


Kiana Nakamura
Corona, California
Kiana Nakamura on Jeopardy!
Wilbur Farley
Patchogue, New York
Wilbur Farley on Jeopardy!
Jim Eckess
State College, Pennsylvania
Jim Eckess on Jeopardy!
Kelsey van Bokkem
San Diego, California
Kelsey van Bokkem on Jeopardy!


Liz Schultz
Manchester, New Jersey
Liz Schultz on Jeopardy!
Jesse Parks
Houston, Texas
Jesse Parks on Jeopardy!
Marcus Gresham
Corydon, Indiana
Marcus Gresham on Jeopardy!
Jennifer Chang
Brooklyn, New York
Jennifer Chang on Jeopardy!

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