Changes Coming to #JeopardyLivePanel

Changes are afoot with #JeopardyLivePanel.

I’ve been finding that it’s been increasingly difficult over the past few months to get contestants available for the time I’d like to be able to do interviews. So, it’s clear that changes needed to happen in order to keep #JeopardyLivePanel going.

Longtime readers of the site might remember the text Q&A interviews that we would do on The Jeopardy! Fan prior to starting #JeopardyLivePanel. Going forward, we’ll be doing a hybrid, in that I will tape interviews in the #JeopardyLivePanel format and then upload the results to both YouTube and iTunes. They’ll be released as they take place and interviews will be scheduled at the convenience of the interviewee.

I apologize to my fans who appreciated the live aspect of the #JeopardyLivePanel format, but I do think that you’ll enjoy the interviews going forward!

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