This Week’s Contestants – January 21-25, 2019

It’s Week 20 of Season 35 of Jeopardy! John Presloid from the Toledo suburb of Perrysburg returns as champion having won three games. Will his domination continue? The challengers this week include Gold-level Patreon supporter of Complete the List Tim Edwards!

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John Presloid
Perrysburg, Ohio
John Presloid on Jeopardy!
Kelsey Barcomb
Denver, Colorado
Kelsey Barcomb on Jeopardy!
Humzah Qureshi
Washington, D.C.
Humzah Qureshi on Jeopardy!


Haley Zapal
Atlanta, Georgia
Haley Zapal on Jeopardy!
Julie Bender
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Julie Bender on Jeopardy!
Rachel Paterno-Mahler
Playa Del Rey, California
Rachel Paterno-Mahler on Jeopardy!
Tim Edwards
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Tim Edwards on Jeopardy!


Aaron Lichtig
Silver Spring, Maryland
Aaron Lichtig on Jeopardy!
Nancy Rohlen
Chicago, Illinois
Nancy Rohlen on Jeopardy!
Christopher Records
Los Angeles, California
Christopher Records on Jeopardy!
Steven Oppenheim
Shaker Heights, Ohio
Steven Oppenheim on Jeopardy!

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