This Week’s Contestants – March 11-15, 2019

It’s Week 27 of Season 35 of Jeopardy! Conor Murphy returns as champion after his win on Friday! The 10 challengers this week include at least one Canadian (one representing Canada, at least — Toronto’s Barton Wong). There may be another ex-pat in the mix, I’m trying to investigate and will hopefully know more on this matter as I research.

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Are you curious about where this season’s contestants have been coming from? Matt Carberry has been tracking this information by media market this season!

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Conor Murphy
Thorofare, New Jersey
Conor Murphy on Jeopardy!
Elaine Wilson
Manassas, Virginia
Elaine Wilson on Jeopardy!
Scott Semproni
Portland, Oregon
Scott Semproni on Jeopardy!


Evan Sroka
Santa Monica, California
Evan Sroka on Jeopardy!
Barton Wong
Toronto, Ontario
Barton Wong on Jeopardy!
Adrian Goldstein
Oakland, California
Adrian Goldstein on Jeopardy!
Sam Corbett
New York, New York
Sam Corbett on Jeopardy!


Lindsey Shultz
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Lindsey Shultz on Jeopardy!
Kevin Salat
Seattle, Washington
Kevin Salat on Jeopardy!
Brad Stylman
Jersey City, New Jersey
Brad Stylman on Jeopardy!
Bianca Ligon
Baltimore, Maryland
Bianca Ligon on Jeopardy!

Since Alex Trebek’s diagnosis of stage 4 pancreatic cancer on Wednesday, many community members have been raising money. The Jeopardy! Fan Online Store is as well! All proceeds from any “Keep The Faith And We’ll Win” shirt sold will be donated to Alex Trebek’s preferred charity. (The de facto alumni association is currently inquiring with the show in order to determine Alex Trebek’s preferred charity; this will be updated when that has been determined.)

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