This Week’s Contestants (Season 36, Week 19)

It is week number 19 of Season 36! Katie Needle of Brooklyn is your returning champion going into this week’s Jeopardy! games; will she still be champion at the end of the week, or will one or more of the ten challengers become champion?

Also, remember that the normal “syndicated” games will still be airing at their normal times this week; the “Greatest of All Time” series between James Holzhauer, Ken Jennings, and Brad Rutter continue January 14 at 8 PM (7 Central and Mountain) on ABC.

You can find January 2020’s past J!6 clues here!.

Here you’ll find Matt Carberry’s analysis, updated weekly, of the media markets that this season’s Jeopardy! contestants represent!

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Katie Needle
Brooklyn, New York
Katie Needle on Jeopardy!
Daniel Sok
Atlanta, Georgia
Daniel Sok on Jeopardy!
Veronica Vichit-Vadakan
Portland, Oregon
Veronica Vichit-Vadakan on Jeopardy!


Alissa McKinney
Irving, Texas
Alissa McKinney on Jeopardy!
Marlan Badgett
Austin, Texas
Marlan Badgett on Jeopardy!
Laura Thomason
Lizella, Georgia
Laura Thomason on Jeopardy!
Oishee Shemontee
Arcadia, California
Oishee Shemontee on Jeopardy!


Shanu George
North Windham, Connecticut
Shanu George on Jeopardy!
Priscilla Drobes
Nanuet, New York
Priscilla Drobes on Jeopardy!
Dennis Coffey
Old Orchard Beach, Maine
Dennis Coffey on Jeopardy!
Lindsay Goldstein
Chicago, Illinois
Lindsay Goldstein on Jeopardy!

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