Jeopardy! to be Audience-Free for Rest of Season 36

Concerns over COVID-19 are keeping Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune from taping in front of an audience for the rest of the season.

Jeopardy! producers began calling audience members with tickets late this afternoon.

Three reasons have been cited: Firstly, Alex Trebek is immunocompromised due to Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Secondly, the majority of audience members tend to be above the age of 60, a group more at risk of contracting the virus. Thirdly, a large number of audience members come from out-of-town and are more likely to obtain the virus via air travel.

The show’s Portland auditions this weekend have also been postponed indefinitely over fears about show staff and auditioners potentially contracting the virus.

Update, March 10: Upcoming contestants have been informed today that, for the time being, their guests will still be permitted to attend the tapings. However, the show is monitoring the COVID-19 situation and may change this.

You can take the Jeopardy! contestant test anytime through April 30! Looking to practice beforehand? You can find questions and answers to all 3 of the January 2020 online tests here!


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3 Comments on "Jeopardy! to be Audience-Free for Rest of Season 36"

  1. I never would have expected now game shows to prohibit crowds due to the coronavirus. It’s been getting too out of control, especially since after the release came on about. Northern California was where the start of the coronavirus concern occurred. Culver City is located in southern California. It’s surprising that the panic is increasing more than the amount of coronavirus cases at this point.

    What makes it illuminating is that certain colleges have cancelled their games in certain areas. Take the Ivy League for example. The men’s and women’s basketball programs were scheduled for a tournament in March, but concerns of the virus were too much to handle. So instead, Yale (Men’s) and Princeton (Women’s) were automatically given their automatic bids to the NCAA tournament. The Big West conference tournament first few matches are held in Long Beach and the actual semifinals and finals matches for women’s basketball are held in Anaheim, where the men’s basketball tournament is held as well. Anaheim and Long Beach’s venues are taking the coronavirus thing drastically. I think most schools in the Big 10 are even more decisive with their decisions on how to plan this out. What’s more, the NCAA is now deciding on limiting fewer tournament sites, trying to avoid areas where a large case of coronavirus could be found.

    If this keeps up, professional sports are probably going to have empty seats and college sports are going to go empty right after that.

    • “It’s surprising that the panic is increasing more than the amount of coronavirus cases at this point.”

      Given the high speed by which events of all sorts have been cancelled over the past few days makes we wonder if the reported number of U.S. coronavirus cases has been kept artificially low because of the lack of test kits. I guess we’ll see in a few weeks once more tests are available and actually run.

  2. Actually, what I came here to see is if Andy had mentioned how many more episodes (or weeks of episodes) need to be taped to complete the season. I suppose if the coronavirus situation gets worse, the producers could always opt to add to the weeks of summer repeats, by showing some all-time best-of shows perhaps, rather than put contestants and show personnel at risk.

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