This Week’s Contestants (Season 37, Week 3)

2-day champion Sameer Gandhi from Pasadena returns as champion this week on Jeopardy!; Preston Wilson, originally from New Orleans, becomes the first player since Pranjal Vachaspati and Zlatan Hodzic in July 2016 to be permitted to use “originally from” in their introduction. I’m honestly surprised that the show didn’t take this step already.

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Sameer Gandhi
Pasadena, California
Sameer Gandhi on Jeopardy!
Paula Spence
Altadena, California
Paula Spence on Jeopardy!
Eric Aiese
North Hollywood, California
Eric Aiese on Jeopardy!

Molly Lower
Pasadena, California
Molly Lower on Jeopardy!
Mason Maggio
Los Angeles, California
Mason Maggio on Jeopardy!
Katrina Post
Santa Monica, California
Katrina Post on Jeopardy!
Kamal Moo
Lakewood, California
Kamal Moo on Jeopardy!

Preston Wilson
originally from New Orleans, Louisiana
Preston Wilson on Jeopardy!
Phillip Howard
Santa Clarita, California
Phillip Howard on Jeopardy!
Thembi Ford
originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Thembi Ford on Jeopardy!
Jason Lyon
Pasadena, California
Jason Lyon on Jeopardy!

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