Jeopardy! Sued By Former Employee For Age Discrimination

According to a report published this evening by Bloomberg Law, Jeopardy! is being sued by former contestant co-ordinator Glenn Kagan. The suit was filed on October 7, 2020, in California Superior Court.

The complaint alleges discrimination based on age, failure to prevent discrimination, wrongful termination, failure to pay overtime wages, waiting time penalties, failure to provide compliant wage statements, and unfair business practices.

The complaint alleges that Kagan’s job responsibilities began being taken over by a younger male employee in 2016 and that Kagan was suspended in July 2020 and then terminated in August 2020 for “failing to properly wear a mask”, in spite of Kagan alleging that he brought his own face mask and that Sony failed to provide any PPE for its employees (in spite of an alleged earlier promise to do so).

The complaint also seeks a jury trial. Sony declined to comment to Bloomberg Law in response.

You can read the full text of the complaint at Bloomberg Law.

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