Laurie MacDougall

Week In Review (January 30-February 3, 2017)

Game Recaps: Monday, January 30 (NAMES IN AMERICAN HISTORY) Tuesday, January 31 (ACTRESSES) Wednesday, February 1 (DUAL-USE TERMS) Thursday, February 2 (THE U.S.A.) Friday, February 23 (CONTEMPORARY AUTHORS) This Week’s Winners: Lisa Schlitt (6 days,…

#JeopardyLivePanel Season 3 Episode 6

Live Roundtable: Panel includes: Laurie MacDougall Vivek Ravishanker Subscribe to #JeopardyLivePanel on iTunes #JeopardyLivePanel on Google Play Music Remember, you can also now get the following t-shirts (and others!) from our new store!

Week In Review (September 19-23, 2016)

Game Recaps: Monday, September 19 (AUTHORS) Tuesday, Septeber 20 (POP CULTURE CHARACTERS) Wednesday, September 21 (COLLEGE DISCIPLINES) Thursday, September 22 (OPERA) Friday, September 23 (AFRICAN GEOGRAPHY) This Week’s Winners: Seth Wilson (5 days, $127,700) Unplayed…