It’s Statehood Day!

     Today’s episode featured Amy from New Jersey, Anne from Massachusetts, and 2-day champ Ben from Georgia.  I was happy to see that the first category of the Jeopardy round was “March 1st.”  It’s Statehood Day here in Nebraska!  Nebraska became a state on this day in 1867.  None of the clues noted that, though.  (Next year!)
     In the Jeopardy round, Amy, a Ph.D. student in chemical biology, nearly swept the category “Multiple Diagnoses” that basically listed several names for one medical condition.  A sample clue: “A rash?  It’s hives.  Scratch that, allergic purpura.  No, ‘hidradentis suppurative,’ inflammation of these glands.”*  (The correct question is at the end of this entry.)  Later in the round, Amy swept a category about taxes.
     Just after Mr. Trebek said there was less than a minute to go in the Double Jeopardy round, Amy hit a Daily Double in the category “Hodge Podge,” which was not a miscellaneous category as I expected, but a category about people with the last name of Hodge.  Amy had the lead already with $14200, and she wagered $3000.  This was the clue: “In 1994, member of Parliament Margaret Hodge nominated this man as leader of Britain’s Labour Party.”*  Her correct response put the win out of reach for her opponents.  Going into Final Jeopardy, she had $17200, Anne had 6200, and Ben had 6600.  Amy, however, got Final Jeopardy wrong while both her opponents got it right.  “Notorious” was the category: “Often described as a redhead, this accused killer called her hair light brown on her 1890 passport application.”*
     I realized today that since starting this blog, I’m not as worried about coming up with a correct Final Jeopardy response in 30 seconds as I am about writing the whole clue in 30 seconds so I can put it on this blog.  Phew!
     Finally, there was another mention of the upcoming online Jeopardy test for teens, but this time, they said the test is TOMORROW, and there is still time to register.

* sweat, Tony Blair, Lizzie Borden

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