Introducing calendar clues

     Today’s GSN episode starred Carol from Arizona, Mike from New Jersey, and 1-day champ Ray from Virginia.  On yesterday’s episode, Ray beat 1-day champ Victoria, who had unseated 19-day champ David Madden.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to see “giant-slayers” last only a day.  It seems to indicate that their win was a fluke and that they shouldn’t have beat their opponent.
     Anyway, Carol got off to a slow start, and was in the hole $2200 at the first commercial break.  She stayed there until there were two categories remaining in the Jeopardy round, and then she flourished and even had the lead in the Double Jeopardy round, thanks in part to finding the two Daily Doubles and answering them correctly: Shakespeare’s Women: “She says of her husband, ‘His unkindness may defeat my life, but never taint my love.’ She was right.”*  (Carol is a high school librarian, and that had to help with this category and with Final Jeopardy.)
And in the category Mountains: “The name of this sacred mountain is said to be derived from the Ainu word for ‘fire.'”*
     Going into Final Jeopardy, Mike had the lead with $16400, Carol had $15400, and champ Ray had $9200.  The Final Jeopardy category was Novelists: “His great-granddad wrote the best-seller ‘White Rose of Memphis,’ a city 40 miles north of the county in which he was raised.”*  All three contestants got the right answer, but Mike wagered $14401 to Carol’s $5674, and he became the new champion.
     Does it bother anyone else when contestant’s do these weird, meaningless-to-everyone-else wagers?  I mean, why wager such an odd number?  I think contestants shouldn’t waste their opportunity and should be serious about wagering for the win.  I mean, would you rather tell your own acquaintances about the relevance of some weird wager you made, or would you rather have the whole country recognize you as a Jeopardy!champion?  In this case, even if Carol would’ve wagered everything, she would’ve lost because Mike wagered for the win.  But still.  She didn’t do everything she could have done.
     I was tearing off pages from my Jeopardy! page-a-day calendars (one from this year and one from last year) when I thought the clues might be fun to put on the blog.  What Jeopardy! fan has ever seen enough clues, after all?
     So here are two.  Correct questions will be on the next entry:
American Literature; Final Jeopardy clue: “This 1854 series of essays on self-reliance was subtitled or, Life in the Woods.”
Notorious (Hey, that was the Final Jeopardy category on yesterday’s episode!); “In the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre of 1929, seven members of this man’s gang were shot dead.”
     Finally, I am going to miss blogging on the next few days due to other commitments.  (Still going to watch the show, of course!)  I expect to blog next about Friday’s episode.

*Desdemona, Mount Fuji, Faulkner

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