First, here is the latest correspondence from the Game Show Network: “We’ve forwarded your comments for the programming department to view. GSN values your feedback and we appreciate the time you’ve taken to write us.”  By the way, I have to hand it to them for responding so promptly both times.  And I feel like they actually read what I wrote.  I want to urge you again to contact GSN yourselves.  The more people who write, the likelier we are to get what we want.
     Today’s Jeopardy! episode featured not one but two history professors, and a librarian:  Chris Staaf of GA, 1-day champ Phil Bucska of MI, and Hilary Caws-Elwitt of PA, respectively.  Mr. Trebek mentioned that this has been a week of one-win wonders.  Today’s match was no runaway, like yesterday’s had been.  When Hilary found the first Daily Double of the Jeopardy round, she had 3600, Chris had 6000, and Phil had 9200.  Hilary wisely (it turned out) wagered it all (hey, she is a librarian), and answered this clue correctly in Literary Characters: “Ironically, Henry Fleming gets this title reward in an 1895 novel after being struck by a comrade during a retreat.”*
     By the time Phil found the second Daily Double, he had 10000, Hilary had 7200, and Chris had 8400.  This clue had a video with it, but I don’t think you’ll need it to answer this one correctly.  The category is Country Add-a-Letter: “Add a letter to the country in red, and you get this word for a female.”  Phil wagered 2000 and got the correct response with no trouble.  At Final Jeopardy, Phil led with 16000, Hilary had 12000, and Chris had 10000, respectable totals, all.  For the second day in a row, no one got Final Jeopardy right.  I didn’t either, this time.  Here’s the clue in Telecommunications Terminology (which, by the way, includes the longest word ever in a Final Jeopardy category, according to Mr. Trebek): “In 1992, New York got the first one: 917.”  I don’t like this clue, I must say.  Of course, the answer that springs to mind is “area code,” until you note the year.  Both Chris and Hilary responded with that, though!  I personally think it’s better to answer nothing than to answer something you know is wrong.  Chris lost 9999, Hilary lost 8001, and Phil lost 3999 with his response of “fax code,” bringing to an end the “one-win wonder” streak.
     Now, since I can’t help myself, here’s a clue I knew that no one else did (but Mr. Trebek did think Chris knew it and didn’t ring in).  TV, for 2000: “A red beverage introduced for public sale bore the same name as this HBO show, in which the drink is seen.” 

*The Red Badge of Courage, woman (Oman), overlay area code, True Blood

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