Hot for Teachers

     It seems to be the week for teachers on Jeopardy!  Today we had 2-day champ Phil Bucska of MI, who we recall is a history teacher, and Kathy Kenny of NJ, a math teacher.  (What do you think: If I told them I was a tutor for a few months several years ago, would that improve my chances of finally getting on the show?)  Rounding out the three was Carl Saras of MA.
     Phil led throughout the game, as he did yesterday.  At the end of the Jeopardy round, he had 6600 to Kathy’s 1200 and Carl’s 2800.  It helped that Phil nearly swept the final category The Grammies 2010, and may have done it if they had time for the last clue to be revealed.  (I wish they hadn’t gotten to that category last!  I was sweeping the category, too, and I would’ve rather seen that last clue than any about the Knesset.)
     I got this clue right and no one else did in the category “-Tion” Me, for 800: “A short pause before acting.”*  (Hint: It’s not “audition,” though Mr. Trebek seemed to be considering it when Kathy gave that response.)  Also this one for 1200 in Geography “B”: “An airport in Missouri is named for Springfield and this city, home to more than 50 live theaters.”  No one rang in, but Mr. Trebek wondered by Carl didn’t, saying he appeared to have figured it out in time.  The next such clue requires a bit of explanation.  I’ll just use Mr. Trebek’s exact words to explain the category Daffy-nitions: “Each clue will have two parts.  I’ll give you an example: If I said ‘melon’ and ‘the inability to run away and get married,’ the correct response would be ‘what is cantaloupe.'”  I haven’t seen this category before, and I wouldn’t mind never seeing it again.  But here is the clue, which was a Daily Double that Phil found, and the last clue of the Double Jeopardy round: “A roster of cows and bulls, or something that triggers a reaction.”  Phil lost 2000, giving him 11400, Kathy 9600, and Carl 9100.  The Final Jeopardy category was Words from the French,  The clue: “The first known use of this word in the U.S. was in an obituary for wealthy banker Pierre Lorilland in 1843.”  I thought this was a toughie.  Carl got it wrong and lost 501.  Kathy got it right and added 8601.  Phil got it wrong and wagered 7801, making Kathy the new champion!

*hesitation, Branson, catalyst/cattle list, millionaire