Jeopar-daddy shines again

     First, let me remind you of the contest I am holding!  To be eligible, all you have to do is become a follower of this blog.
     I was pulling for 1-day champ Laura Hughes of Maryland today.  Her husband appeared on Jeopardy! back when Alex had a mustache and clues started at $100 rather than $200.  He was a 2-day champ.  Her opponents today were Nancy West of Nevada and Brandon Hathaway of Georgia.
     I got to watch Jeopardy! with my parents again tonight.  My mom actually had watched it already, while my dad and I watched a tape.  My mom said she did get some answers right when she watched it by herself, though. 😉  My dad did well tonight!  I was impressed again, but he didn’t think he did any better than usual.  How do you compare to my dad?  The ones he nailed are below.
$400 in Beethoven’s: “…hometown, it was West Germany’s capital from 1949 to 1990.”*
$1000 in “Ode” to Joy: “A battery has two of these: a positive anode and a negative cathode.”  (Hint: I guess diode and felt pretty sure about it, but my dad reiterated what he originally said with an air of well-placed confidence.)
$1000 in Ninth: “The ninth pope to bear this devout name had the longest reign of any pope, 1846-1878.”
A Daily Double in 4-Letter Words: “This measurement comes from the Latin for ‘twelfth part.'” (Brandon got it wrong.)
$1600 in “G” Male: “South Carolina’s 2 Republican Senators in the 111th Congress are Jim DeMint and him.”
     For my part, I swept the Costly Breakups category.  I’m particularly proud of this clue that no one else got right: (for $1600) “His first wife, actress Amy, received $100 million dollars when they parted ways.”
     Brandon couldn’t be caught going into Final Jeopardy.  He had $17800, and Nancy was his nearest opponent with $8000.  Both Brandon and Nancy wagered nothing on this clue in Fashion History (I got this one right, too.  I remember seeing it in People magazine once.): “It was unveiled July 5, 1946 at Paris’ Piscine Molitor and it created a scandal.”  Brandon and Laura got it right, and Laura got it wrong.

*Bonn, electrodes, Pius, Lindsey Graham, Steven Spielberg, the bikini